4 Summer Bedding Ideas to Keep You Cool at Night

  • Summer weather can get too hot and too dry and that can lead to a considerable sleeping discomfort;
  • In order to improve the sleeping quality during hot summer nights, the bed has to be re-made using the right bedding sets paying attention to the weight, material, and color of the bed coverings;
  • Besides the bed, the air in the room is also a very important factor when trying to maximize the comfort of your sleep.

Summer is one of the most favorite seasons of all for many. No heavy sweaters or long trousers – only shorts and dresses. No bad weather (almost), and many outdoor parties. Beach, sea and lots of scoops of ice creams! Sounds cool, isn’t it?

On the other hand, summer nights can get not too funny. Hottness, dry air, sweaty body… These are a real bummer! At some point, your most loveable place in the house – your comfy bed – becomes the place where the biggest discomfort kicks in during hot summer nights.

Anyway, we would not be here if we would not have a simple getaway plan from this situation! When the summer heat hits you hard – the moment to search for the coolest bedding for summer comes!

Best summertime bedding options are provided to you below – continue reading!

Use Lightweight Bed Coverings

When the temperature goes up – you know it is time to hide that heavy quilt, thick throw blanket or a duvet cover, and to look for the alternative comforter. The most important aspects when choosing the best bedding for summer are weight, material and, believe it or not, color.

Cotton Bedding Set

Cotton is the best material for summer duvet cover – not only it is lightweight, but it is also far more breathable than a microfiber or tightly woven duvet cover.

Natural cotton is a great choice for the summer bedding because it keeps your body temperature low and prevents you from sweating – thanks to its natural moist-wicking attributes! Therefore, lightweight cotton duvet cover for summer will definitely boost the quality of your sleep during the hot summer nights.

Also, if you prefer to use a blanket instead of a duvet cover, make sure it is an open-weave and made from 100 percent cotton material.

Linen Bedding Set

Another extremely great natural material for the light bedding for summer is, of course, linen! This organic material is made of the pure flax plant, and that makes it even more breathable and absorbent than cotton.

Not only linen bedding covers are lightweight and comfy, but it also has attributes that keep you cool while sleeping – that’s exactly why linen is such a great choice for the summer bedding!

Fun fact: most people think that linen is an exceptionally hot weather material. False! Actually, linen bedding will keep you cool when the temperature is high, and it will keep you warm when the temperature is down. The linen bed set is actually the one that could be used all year round.

Lightweight Sheets

Cotton, cotton, cotton! That’s definitely the main keyword when talking about the bedding sets for summer. For sheets, we also recommend you to choose the ones that are made of extra-long staple cotton (like Pima, Egyptian). Such material sheets are lightweight and airy, therefore they are just perfect for the summer bedding.

Although cotton is probably the most popular choice for the summer bedding – materials as linen or bamboo are also lightweight and breathable, therefore they would perfectly work in your bed during the summer season.

Bright colors

Believe it or not, but the color of your bedding set plays a significant role. It’s pure psychology! The things you see have a direct impact on the way you feel. Therefore, not only the bright, light, and pale colors will create a breezy appearance of summer bedding, but will also have a cooling effect.

Long story short – both linen and cotton are ideal fabrics for sleeping during the summer. Such materials are made from natural fibers that are exceptionally breathable and lightweight.

TIP: If you are afraid to get cold during your sleep, you can always place a knitted throw blanket or a comforter at the end of your foot to keep you warm while necessary.

Cool Down Your Pillow

Now, this might be totally news for you, but there is actually a thing that can be put on the top of your pillow and keep your upper body cool during your sleep! Are you intrigued? We were too.

So this thing is called a cooling mat and is filled with a special gel that is sold and stored in the typical ice bags. The principle is simple – after being stored in the fridge, this gel is later filled into the thin mat, and that mat is placed on top of your standard-size pillow. Genius, isn’t it? Thanks to this innovation, you can now keep cool during your sleep even during the hottest summer nights!

Bedside Fan

It’s not news that not only the bed is important when we talk about high sleep quality. Even if the bed is made using only the best material sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers – it is very unlikely that it will help if the air in the room is super hot and dry.

Not all households have an air conditioning system – and that’s completely understandable! Such systems are expensive to install and maintain. Besides, they are actually not very health-friendly. Therefore, do not complain about not having an air conditioner – instead, go get a bedside fan!

Small or regular size bedside fan is the best alternative during the hot summer. Simply put it beside your bed the direction you want the breeze to flow and rest assured that it will definitely improve the quality of your sleep.

Again, if you tend to get cold at night sometimes – drop a lightweight throw blanket at the end of your bed to warm yourself up when necessary.

TIP: To prevent the air from drying out and simply getting warm, place a bowl of ice cubes and cold water in front of the fan. It will help to maintain the air at least a little more humidified.

Air Humidifier

Depending on what climate zone you live in, the summer weather can bring not only hot but also very dry air. Not only it can be impossible to sleep in the room where the air is hot and dry, but such air conditions can be even harmful to your health.

Dry air dries out your skin and the fluids of your body are depleted, therefore it encourages general dehydration. Such air can lead to the development of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, nosebleeds, sinusitis. In addition, the lack of moisture causes eye itching and skin soreness.

And that’s exactly why you really need to think about one of the coolest thing invented by a human being – an air humidifier! Air humidifier provides extra moisture to keep you cool and comfortable. Simply place it somewhere near your bed and do not forget to change the water once a day (you do not want the molds to build up).

Here you go – now you have the full list of the most effective tips and tricks about how to survive the hot summer nights! Start with upgrading your bed and follow up by ensuring the right room temperature. As always- it’s all about simple details!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best summer bedding is the one that is lightweight, breathable, made of natural materials and bright colors!
The best bedding for hot weather is the one that is made of natural materials, such as linen, cotton, silk. Such materials are very breathable and moist-wicking, therefore they keep you cool at night and prevent your body from sweating.
No, room fans are not bad for you. Actually, they are much health-friendlier than an air conditioner. Bedside fan is a great alternative for an air conditioning system and can really improve the quality of your sleep during hot summer nights.
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