Bedroom Built Ins Around the Bed to Style your Tiny Bedroom

  • Small bedroom is not an excuse to make it dull.
  • Bedroom built-ins are one of the many alternatives that could help create a stylish and practical bedroom interior design.
  • In the article below you will be introduced to a bunch of useful ideas on how to expand even the tiniest bedroom interior design.

For most people, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the whole house – we recharge our energy there, spend lazy weekends and simply chill. This room is the one we spend the most of our time in. Therefore, no wonder that people give that much effort to make it as comfortable and as nice as possible.

No matter what size is your bedroom – there are still many ways to style and decorate it in a way that it would serve your needs at most. Although it might seem easier to organize a more spacious bedroom – a tiny bedroom can be as stylish and comfortable. One of the greatest alternatives is bedroom built-ins.

In the article below, we’ll introduce you to some great and smart design ideas to style your tiny bedroom in the most comfortable and stylish way!

Bedroom Built Ins Around the Bed

The main purpose of bedroom built-ins is, of course, to provide as much additional space for your stuff as possible. Fortunately, there are loads of space saving bedroom storage ideas that are easy to implement in any bedroom design.

  • Shelves. If you want to create some more space for your items that you usually put in shelves: books, various souvenirs, and even clothes -shelves that are built up around the head of your bed, or simply over your bed – are a great option! There are many different ways of implementing shelves into the interior design. For example, there are shelves that can go around the headboard of your bed headboard that also form a built-in nightstand.
  • Elevated bed. One of the most popular ways to create more space in the tiny bedroom is to implement drawers under your bed. If you want, instead of drawers you can find some nice storage boxes and bins that could go under your bed and would not be too visible. Alternatively, you can even get a bed with an elevated sleeping platform that has spacious cabinets underneath.
  • Wall-mounted furniture. This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to create some extra space in your bedroom leaving more of a floor space. It doesn’t require much of the work, and there are millions of wall-mounted furniture options that you could choose from: storage cabinets, shelves, night stands, floating shelves, etc.
  • Built-in window seat. If you are designing your little bedroom from scratch or are willing to reconstruct it more drastically – you should definitely consider a built-in window seat! Not only does it provide an extra seating place, but it could also include some built-in shelves, drawers or storages to save the space of the remaining part of your bedroom. 
  • Wall niche. This is another great space saving option for those who plan serious bedroom reconstruction. It requires more effort than to simply hand a wall-mounted furniture as it requires professional support. However, a wall niche is a great and stylish way to create more storage without occupying the floor space.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

The Colors of Small Bedroom

If you have a pretty small bedroom and would like it to look more spacious, color is very important. White color, as well as any other bright color helps to create a much more spacious and airy interior design. Such colors make the room look bigger and brighten up the whole space.

The Style of Small Bedroom

Another way to create a more spacious look of the small bedroom is to minimize the number of furniture in your room. The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is, of course, your bed. Therefore, make your bed the center of your room and keep only one or two matching pieces of the furniture. Even better, if you would only keep your bed and maybe a wardrobe, and put the rest of the stuff into the built-in storages.

Accessories of Small Bedroom

  • Mirrors. You would be surprised by wonders a huge minimalistic mirror can make. Simply get a body-length mirror and lean it against the wall. No drilling or hanging. Huge mirrors create an illusion of a much spacious room. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Wallpapers. Even the tiniest bedrooms deserve to look stylish and beautiful. Simple a piece of tasteful wallpaper could bring the look of your bedroom to the next level. Choose from the bold, large-scale pattern wallpapers, that complements the overall interior of your room. Just be careful – avoid the wallpapers with a small busy pattern – it could worsen the look of your room just as much!
  • Pillows. If you decided to go for a white bedroom but you love colors – you should definitely consider getting some nice colorful pillows! This simple technique will add the color to your bedroom and will immediately give a character to it.
  • Curtains. If your bedroom has short windows – you should definitely consider getting some lightweight, airy and flowy white curtains that would go way down to the floor. Simple trick – huge impact.

Here you go, now you know that a small bedroom can also be super stylish and lovely. In fact, it’s not the matter of space – it’s the matter of your creativity how your bedroom will look and feel like! There are a bunch of different small bedroom ideas that show how some practical built-ins and the right colors can maximize the efficiency of even the tiniest room!

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Sure thing! If you lack space in your bedroom (or any other room),you need some extra storage for your stuff, or you simply don't want to occupy the floor space of your room - built-ins are a great alternative!
Not at all! Built-ins, such as bedroom built-ins are great way to expand small spaces by creating additional storage. There are many stylish options that could be even invisible!
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