Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco

  • You don’t have to have five kids and four dogs to understand that a wet-dry vacuum is the best thing that has happened to a man since the invention of the wheel.
  • Wet-dry vacuum cleaners make it possible to get rid of the worst dirt and debris. We couldn’t love them more! Among many excellent floor cleaners able to vacuum and wash floors, there are two powerful players: Bissell Crosswave and Tineco. 
  • The article below compares their features, pros, and cons. Will we determine a clear winner? Let’s dive in together and find out.

Bissell Crosswave vs Tineco—similarities

Tineco Floor One S3 and Bissell Crosswave are two premium floor cleaners known to many satisfied users. 

Why are they such a popular choice? 

There’re not many others with all these delightful features combined in one device: 

  • cutting-edge technology, 
  • noteworthy functions, and 
  • not over-the-top price; 

Both models are already getting the attention they deserve on the market, so let’s give them some more! 

Bissell CrossWave

What do we know about this wet dry vacuum cleaner?

Real Homes gives Bissell CrossWave four stars out of five, so let’s see what is so special about it and what went wrong. 

This delightful cordless vacuum simultaneously vacuums, washes, and dries multiple surfaces, leaving it spotless. 

Its suction is more than satisfying. It’s easy to set up, quick to charge and comes with detergent.

On the downside, the instructions for this device are all images. So while it could have made the whole thing more straightforward, it can turn out to be guesswork.

This multi-surface cleaning is noisy on hard flooring (80dB).

Tip: You can always wear headphones with your favorite music while using your vacuum.

Also, the floor remains pretty damp after use.

It’s a cordless vacuum, but how long can you use it on a battery? 

The battery life for vacuuming is around 25 minutes. If you decide to go with the traditional solution, a cord length for the charging base is pretty satisfactory—7.5m.

This vacuum is bagless and has a dirty water tank capacity of 0.62L and a clean water tank of 0.82L. 

It weights 5.2kg and its dimensions are H116.8 x W30 x D23cm.

What do we know about these wet dry vacuums cleaning performance?

Bissell Crosswave will suit busy, extensive households (as no cord holds you back) with various floor types to keep clean.

It’s said to clean all sealed wood floors easily yet thoroughly.

You’ll need to charge your new vacuum cleaner for a few hours after it first arrives and before the first use. 

Tip: The plastic base, i.e., a charger that the device stands on, needs regular cleaning not to get too grimy. 

If you regularly mop your hard floors, then it’s worth getting Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaners. 

It will also provide your larger carpets with an occasional deep clean. 

This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and moves around smoothly. 

It maneuvers well, lifting the head up close to the skirting and swimmingly delving around the edges of furniture.

Plus, it makes the home smell fresh each time!

This multi-surface cleaner features powerful suction on all floors, and it’s also helpful that you can lift it up and down the stairs.

Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaners have two settings:

  • hard floor, and 
  • area rugs;

This device isn’t suitable for deep pile wool rugs and thinner cotton rugs.

You may not be content with the results of treating a deep pile wool rug on an Area Rugs setting. Your Bissell Crosswave may suck up too much fluff and make the rug damp for quite a while after. Moreover, the rug can start creating more fluff in the future after this intervention. 

Your Bissell Crosswave will do a better job and even make the surface of your house look like new on heavy-weights (not wool) rugs and fitted carpets (not deep pile).

Tip: Listen to the sounds of the motor if you need to handle an area where pets are prone to malt. The brush bar of this device isn’t equipped with an anti-pet hair wrap option. Therefore, you’ll need to remove manually any hair that gets caught. If you live with pets and their hair is a problem for you, choose Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro, i.e., an option with a strainer for pet hair.

On the hard floor setting, ‌treat wooden floors or tiled kitchen floor and all the cereals, veggies, and sauces that come with it. 

The multi-surface cleaner will work well (leaving only some hard-to-remove dirt and debris occasionally) but expect it to be pretty loud and wet the surface slightly too generous. 

Tip: From time to time, give the brush bar a rinse to eliminate any tangled hair. You can pop the brush off with the red level under the head cover. You can also try to perform a wash cycle at the charging base.

All in all, there are at least six reasons to invest in the Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max:

1. quicker hard floor cleaning—because it vacuums and mops simultaneously, with a quick drying time. At the end of the cleaning session, the dirty water tank will reveal the whole truth about a load of dirt and debris at your place. 

2. spills and tougher messes beat up with ease—for everyday cleaning and annoyances such as: when a packet of rice falls apart with grains reaching every corner of the kitchen, when your little one throws their pasta across the room, or when your dog comes from the garden with God only knows what. Your Bissell Crosswave works hard to vacuum up wet and dry all these messes with ease, leaving no trace.

3. Area Rugs—we’re used to treating hard floors daily, but what about area rugs? On the Area Rugs setting, your CrossWave will organize a minor refresh of your rugs and carpets by optimizing the amount of water dispensed for cleaning are. 

4. Cordless freedom—enjoy your cleaning with a 30 minutes run time that lets you go through approximately 100m2 on one charge. When you’re back on the docking station, the digital display lets you know when your vacuum is back to a full charge.

5. it always uses clean water—when you’re mopping the floor, the water in the bucket gets dirtier and dirtier as you put the mop in the bucket. You know how nasty it feels, right? In the Bissell CrossWave, thanks to the two tank technology, clean and dirty water are kept in separate tanks. You add fresh water and cleaning solution to the clean water tank, and dirty water and debris are kept in another tank for easy disposal.

6. self-cleaning cycle cleans for you—how to clean your Bissell CrossWave wet dry vacuum cleaner? Simply place it in the charging tray and press the self-cleaning mode button. For the cleaning cycle, your device uses the clean water in the tank to wash the brush roll. The only thing you need to do is empty the dirty water tank: pour water away down the sink and put any hair and debris (kept separate by the strainer in the tank) in the bin.

Tineco iFloor

Welcome to the next chapter of the Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco battle! 

What is Tineco Floor One S3, and how will it win your heart over?

Tineco iFloor is another user-friendly proposition among popular wet-dry vacuums.

When it comes to brushes, both the Tineco Floor One S3 and Bissell Crosswave Max are excellent at picking up wet and dry spills, whether cereal or tough messes such as broken eggs or dried syrup. 

While Bissell Crosswave works pretty well on both hard floors and (hard floors that it tackles easily are laminate, tile, sealed wood, and more), Tineco’s brush can’t work on rugs or carpets. 

The Tineco cleaning solution is made specifically for hard floors. 

Tineco does a great job on hard floors, though!

When it comes to suction, both vacuum cleaners give excellent results. 

No passing over the mess multiple times before it’s picked up—these cleaning solutions take a minute and are effective. 

Tineco picks up messy, sticky spills and pet hair without problems.

It does a little worse on tougher messes because its brush isn’t made for rugs. Therefore, it’s not prepared to dig deeper into the surface so well. 

The cleaning performance in Bissell CrossWave vs Tineco is comparable. 

These cleaners can do both dry cleaning via vacuuming and wet cleaning via mopping, using a water tank with clean water attached to them. 

Important: There are also wet dry vacuum cleaners which are more affordable and feature only one tank. Bissell and Tineco have two units, i.e., two-tank technology.

The Tineco’s dirty water tank capacity is 17oz, while the clean water tank is 20oz. 

If the surface you need to clean is large, you’ll save time by going for a bigger tank. 

Unlike regular vacuums, a cordless vacuum cleaning solution works on the battery, so we consider the battery’s length of life when choosing the best brand. 

You can always use a cable, but who wants that if you don’t have to? 

Tineco wins with over 35 minutes of battery life (30 minutes in the case of a Bissell cleaning solution). 

Depending on the amount of mess you come across, with five minutes more compared to Bissell CrossWave, you can pretty much handle another room in the house. 

Tineco has a lot to offer when it comes to smart options. 

First of all, these wet vacs connect directly to the Tineco app. It gets you detailed information about your vacuum, such as performance, if the water tank needs to be changed, or maintenance notifications if it needs any repair.

Another one, the iLoop sensor, with the full color LED display, creates a 360-degree red and blue compass of your surrounding area. Blue stands for the clean area and red for a mess. 

Moreover, the option is more reliable than your own eyes, which is rare with this kind of fancy, innovative device. 

Tineco uses modern technology to the full, while even the most advanced Bissell model doesn’t offer any smart features. 

Another difference worth mentioning is that the Bissell brush is better at removing hard stains, which comes with an extra brush roll. 

However, Tineco’s self-cleaning feature is over-the-top compared to its competitor.

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for the home is a crucial decision to make. Maybe more important than it seems. 

Are you aware that it’s going to be one of the most used household appliances?

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, wet-dry vacuums not only suck up dust, lint, and other dirt but also get rid of the tougher mess and even damp dirt, water, and other liquids. 

Wet dry vacuum cleaners make anything possible when cleaning. So ensure you’re making the right choice and use their possibilities to the full!

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After using it, put your Bissell CrossWave back to its charging point and leave it standing upright in a corner. Next, remove the brush bar and water tanks. You can also store the brush bar in a built-in compartment on the charging base.
Some negatives mentioned most often are that it leaves hard flooring wet, the floor head doesn't get to the edge, and the life of the battery isn't satisfactory for cleaning large houses.
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