Differences Between Throw and Blanket

  • There are many interesting English words native speakers use without acknowledging that for new speakers it might be very confusing.
  • The purpose of throw and blanket might seem pretty similar at first sight, however, they actually have many differences.
  • Simply put – you’d grab a throw when going to nap on the sofa, and you’ll use the blanket to cover yourself while sleeping in bed. But there’s more to this!

Languages are one of the most interesting things you can ever learn. It is one thing to travel abroad not knowing the language of the country, and completely another experience – to understand it.

However, no matter how hard you study a new language, there will still be many unknown words and meanings of them. For example, what is the difference between throw and blanket?

At first sight, both throw and blanket have many similarities – they are fabric coverings that usually lie on your sofa or bed and work as a nice interior detail. Nevertheless, believe it or not, there are more differences than similarities between the two of them. 

Purpose of Throw and Blanket

The very first difference between throw and blanket is, of course, their purpose. While the blanket is mostly used as a cover to the body to provide warmth and coziness, the throw has more an esthetic purpose.

  • The throw is mostly used as a decoration. For example, bring your grey and dull room interior to a new life by adding one or a few colorful throws on your bed or sofa along with some different size pillows. Match them with your curtains, carpet or wallpapers – you will be surprised how easy it is to renew the overall look of your apartment!
  • On the contrary, the blanket’s primary purpose is to provide you with warmness. Wrap yourself in the large blanket while sleeping or napping on the couch. Choose from different sizes and materials of blankets to maximize your sleeping quality and comfort.

Size Differences

This distinction is one of the most visible ones. If you are not sure if the bed covering should be called a blanket or a throw – measure it, or simply try to wrap yourself in it! Why? Because a blanket is large and will cover all of your body (possibly even a couple of times). On the contrary, the throw will most likely leave your legs (or your upper body) hanging outside. 

  • Blanket usually adjusts the size of your bed or is even larger so that you could comfortably tuck it under your foot. Since blanket corresponds to the size of your bed and is mostly used for sleeping – it usually comes in similar sizes as sheets, such as king, queen, or full
  • On the other hand, the throw has a fixed size of 50 inches wide by 60 inches long (most of the time). Therefore, it is much smaller than a blanket.

Fabric and Material

Since the throw’s primary purpose is decoration, unlike a blanket, it is usually made from combined fabrics.

  • For a more outstanding look throw can be made from luxury fabrics, such as crushed velvet, suede or faux fur. Many people choose hand-knitted or crocheted throws as they create a warm and cozy look (this type throws usually called afghans). 
  • In the meantime, blankets are usually made of solid high-quality fabric, such as wool, flannel, fleece, cotton or thermal weaves. As the primary purpose of the blanket is to provide warmth while sleeping, the fabrics they are made of should retain the temperature. 
  • Although the most important aspect of the throw is the look – fleece throws are widely used for warmth. The difference is that people use the throw while lying/sitting on the couch or chair, while the blanket goes into the bed.
  • One more difference between throw and blanket is the edges. Unlike standard blankets, throws usually have fringed ends, while blankets bound ones.

So, is that clearer now what are the differences between throw and blanket? I hope everything makes much more sense now! Once again – decorate your room and warm up yourself while laying on the couch using the throw, and wrap yourself in the large and cozy blanket while sleeping. Simple as ABC, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, throw blankets are "thrown" on couches, chairs, or recliners to work as a nice interior detail and to cover your half-body while napping or relaxing.
Throw blankets are smaller size blankets (usually 50 inches wide by 60 inches long) that are mostly used as an interior detail or to warm up while sitting on the couch or chair.
There are a few significant differences. One of the most visible ones is size. Throw blankets are smaller than regular blankets. Also, both body coverings have different purposes - throw blanket is mainly for decoration, and blanket - if for sleeping. Also, they are made from different fabrics and materials.
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