Do Linen Bread Bags Work

  • It’s already clear how huge is the damage that plastic bags do to our Earth;
  • Easy as it may sound, replacing the plastic bags to the reusable ones can make an extremely positive impact on the planet;
  • Linen bread bags are a great alternative to the plastic bags – they are eco-friendly, very comfortable and super easy to maintain;

It is not news that plastic is one of the greatest enemies in the XXIst century. Plastic bags cause enormous damage to nature. They decay completely only in tens and hundreds of years. Being one of the most abundant waste, plastic bags pollute the waters, clog sewers, and even kill animals. Isn’t that horrifying?

Just think about it – generally, most of the plastic bags are used only for 20 minutes – just for that period of time when you are returning home from the grocery store. After that, we simply throw them away!

Unfortunately, only a little part of them end up recycling points, and most of them go to the landfills, forests, lakes and the sea. On the back of it, that plastic later returns back to our plates through the natural food chain. Crazy stuff, don’t you think?

The good news is that you can make an actual impact. Easy as it may sound, start from replacing the plastic bag with the reusable, fabric bag! You would be surprised how much it could influence the well-being of our Earth in the longterm.

Benefits Of Reusable Bags

  • Ecological. Reusable bags are non-toxic because usually they are made of natural fabrics, such as linen or cotton.
  • Health-friendly. Reusable bags are non-hazardous to your health. Unlike plastic bags, they do not carry any warnings about the need to keep them away from children. 
  • Durable. According to scientists, one high-quality fabric bag replaces about 1000 plastic bags. For example, linen is a long-lasting fiber, therefore carefully maintained linen bags could last for years!
  • Easy to maintain. Reusable bags do not require any special care – wash them by hand or in the washing machine up to 40°C. They dry up quickly because they are made of extremely lightweight material.  
  • Fashionable. Choose from the wide variety of different colors, materials, and sizes of fabric bags. A reusable bag is also a sign of green living that shows that you are a responsible, conscious person, and you do care about the planet.

Reusable Bags In Kitchen

Not only the reusable bags are a great choice when you go shopping. Go for the extra mile and replace all the plastic bags you can in your kitchen!

For example, start with storing the bread in the linen bread bags. Here’s why:

  • Space-saver. To start with, linen bread bags occupy much less room on your kitchen counter than any wooden bread box. Simply hang the bag on a hook off the counter!
  • Fresher longer. Your fresh loaf of bread will remain fresh longer if you store it into the linen cloth bread bag, instead of the usual plastic or paper bag. 
  • Breathable. Unlike plastic bags, the linen bread bag is airtight, therefore the product can breathe in it. Consequently, your homemade bread doesn’t dry out. Moreover, such natural fabrics as linen attract moisture so the bread remains soft inside and the crust stays.
  • Portable. Take your linen bread storage with you! Bring your linen bread bag into the grocery store and pack the artisan bread directly into it. When you go home – there is no need to unpack it! Simply hang the whole bag on the kitchen counter and rest assured – your bread is in the safest place in the world.
  • Washable. Don’t worry about the breadcrumbs or any other stains! Washing the linen bags is completely untroublesome – drop it in the washing machine, set the temperature of 40°C and voila!

TIP: Work on the habit to have some fabric bags in different places: your car, bag, backpack, etc. This way you will never have to reach our hand towards the plastic bags.

All in all, I hope I managed to convince you to finally step forward towards at least a little greener living. So, come on, go ahead and get rid of all that plastic you still have and replace it with the reusable bags once and for all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no doubt about that! They are very good. Not only linen bread bags are eco-friendly, but they also super comfortable and keep your products fresh much longer.
Linen bread bag is simply a bag made of natural fabric - linen. There are many different sizes, colors, and types of them. You can store the fruits, vegetables, or bread in it - you decide! They are eco-friendly and extremely durable.
YES! That is one of the many benefits the linen bread bags have. They are airtight, breathable and chemical-free, therefore bread stays fresh much longer and does not lose its original taste and texture.
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