Esthetician Room Ideas

  • Just as people visiting treatment rooms are eager to make their skin and face look perfect, so do estheticians crave it for their beauty-related interiors. So the question is how to turn a casual room into stunning spa decor in 2021?
  • There is a lot to choose from, from minimal spa decor designs to boho to luxurious, both from the universal palette of styles and these new, up-to-date ones.
  • Read our article, as we’re sharing spa room styles and other valuable tips to enhance your beauty business. With us, you’ll turn your average esthetician room into an unforgettable experience for you and your clients.

It can be a treatment room, esthetician, spa room, beauty salon—whatever you call it; this professional space is created to bring you joy. 

You visit it every now and then, and every time end up relaxed and joyful. 

Is it only thanks to the treatment? You wouldn’t imagine how powerful room decor can be in influencing your mood!

Now, if you’re an esthetician yourself, how to make the dream of such beautiful interiors happen?

Traditionally, Google browser can help a little to re search information, but your imagination and our blog (reach out to HouseRituals for more home and design-related tips) are just as helpful. 

Are you ready for a ride? First, let’s see what our interior options are. 

Decor ideas

First off, choose your style!

It’s not as much about the content of your treatment room itself as it is about the overall feel of rooms. 

In the beginning, your job is to decide which decor ideas work best for you. 

Treatments need to have the appropriate background. Can you imagine becoming beautiful in unpleasant interiors? It just doesn’t happen.  

 So let’s go through the several forever-fashionable esthetician room ideas. 

  1. Minimal

The main characteristics of such a design are its uncomplicated and simple decor with a pure feel. 

In such a space, you’ll often come across clean, sharp lines, whites, and silvers. 

A minimal spa room decor is functional and understated. 

Next, it often has hardwood, minimal plants, and simple design details. 

The occasional color-blocking makes such a beauty room even more sleek and sexy.

Here, everything is structured, clean, and in order. 

Important: Make sure your minimal-styled spa decor doesn’t include carpets, fancy art, or dingly-danglies. 

This room decor stands for absolute tranquility for your guests.

If you’re going minimal on a budget, you’re lucky to fancy this style precisely: it’s all about taking away instead of adding stuff!

Try a neutral shade of paint for the walls, and use a simple color-blocking technique (for example, add a couple of balmy-colored pillows to your chairs).

Go for a minimalist planter in the corner to add weight to the whole design and a dash of cleanliness and simplicity. 

The understated beauty of this design will show up if you don’t overdo any of the details. 

Important: Invisible quality of a simple cleaning works wonders for every interior! Invest in good floor polish for floors; always keep your mirrors dust-free and your chairs shiny.

  1. Boho 

What’s typically (rightly) associated with Boho? A lack of structure, carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color.

The bohemian aesthetic is personal, relaxed, joyful. 

You may not see it at spa room decor so often, but if you feel in the waiting room like at someone’s home, you’ve probably visited a boho-styled esthetician space.

Such a space will look burgundy, bronze, saffron, white, and tan everything. 

Expect to run into faux fur blankets, throw pillows and rugs,  cacti and desert decor, wall fixtures, salt lamps and crystals, macrame hangers. 

So much to digest, but some people like precisely that!

The feel of such a space should emanate relaxation; it’s supposed to be calming and zen. 

It’s a sum of the calm serenity, and mystery of the desert. 

Tip: If you want your beauty salon to become boho on a budget, invest in fake plants (i.e., palms) and cute design details (pampas grass). Also, look for affordable and ubiquitous online bamboo pendant-style lights. While salt lamps have a great vibe, you can also use mason jars with tealight candle holders and drop fake tea lights into them for a similar lighting effect. Then simply paint the outside of the jars in your chosen colors.

  1. Luxurious 

How to nail this look?

Everyone knows the meaning of “luxury,” and while it doesn’t seem achievable without a wallet that’s flush with cash, we’ve got some useful hacks. 

First, fill your imagination with this vision: high tea with the Queen,  pinks, salmons, all of the wall art, over-the-top chandeliers and plush seating, pearls, and marble sinks. 

Got it? It’s not about being filthy rich; it’s just a social visual game.

So if you are on a budget, for now, step down from online hunting for actual marble, pearls, and chandeliers—but keep your creative options open. 

You can find valuable-looking art pieces all over the internet. But, let’s state it again, “valuable-looking” is not “expensive.” Trust your gut!

Marble sinks might come further down the line in your beauty business career—kick off with a few faux marble planters. 

Purchase some gold spray paint and add gilded touches to thrift vases and knobs or drawer pulls. 

Spend cash on details, like adorable tea sets. They will do the job. 

With these tips, the gleeful luxurious chaos that you wish to achieve is at hand. 

Make it overstated, don’t be afraid of the divine. Look at Dolly Parton; she’s still a goddess in her seventies. 

Plus, don’t be surprised to see many of your clients share their visual experiences on social media!

  1. Other styles

We mentioned three of them, but there is obviously another dozen.

For example, a girly, flirty, and pink style that will inevitably click with younger generations, or lush and green style offering an emotional experience of a dark tropical forest. 

Options are countless! 

Tip: Choose the interior style following your preferences and don’t worry too much about the price. You can always buy used parts of furniture and engage in DIY to get anything you wish for. 

Do’s and don’ts

We believe you’re already inspired!

But aren’t you holding your own adventurous design ideas in the back of your head as well? 

Try them out while being also smart about it!

Below, you’ll find a few do’s and don’ts of the spa decor arrangement, so you can feel free to test your ideas out while also keeping in mind the golden rule of this business. 

Spa decor has a significant impact on making clients feel welcome in your beauty space. It’s also a powerful way to en sure they will come back to your site!

Look at these hacks on what to do and what to avoid.

Set one inviting color scheme

Even if you generally fancy colorful walls, choose one primary, calming color for your spa or treatment room; it will be great at inducing a feeling of relaxation.

Colors can easily influence a client’s mood and, therefore, impact how they view your business. 

Pick one color instead of many if you’re planning to paint your walls in a soft hue. 

Find other design pieces of spa decor in the same color or that complement this color.

Tip: Consider choosing earth tones, soft blue, pale pink, and lavender.

Mix in elements of nature

The closeness of nature, as proved by science, significantly helps with:

  1. stress reduction, 
  2. creativity enhancement, 
  3. re-energizing, and
  4. general well-being;

Find ways to incorporate nature into your spa—you and your business want precisely what nature gives you for free!

So if you are currently designing your beauty space, feel free to use natural-like materials, like wood and brick, for or on the wall. 

You can also add flowers and plants to your space. 

Incorporate even more natural elements by adding paintings of:

  • bodies of water, 
  • forests, 
  • rain, and 
  • other relaxing scenes;

Don’t go overboard

Of course, designing your esthetician room is the most exciting thing you’ve done in ages! 

You want to do everything you can to ensure that it looks perfect. 

Still, try not to go overboard! 

Retrieve from using the excess accessories and items.

There is a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

The abundance of gadgets can make your space look cluttered or unorganized, opposite what we want to achieve. 

Don’t use strong candles

We share this tip as it’s often overlooked.

Many people vividly detest certain strong smells with every cell of their body, and it’s so individual that it makes it hard to guess who doesn’t like what. 

In general, candles are great. 

But by using candles, you have to remember that you may end up bothering your clients with overbearing smells.

Try using these little battery-powered candles, which look super realistic, last longer, save you money and are easier to switch off, fastly eliminating otherwise strong odors. 

Still, if you are absolutely crazy about real candles, stick to unscented or subtle smells. 

For waiting rooms and reception areas, keep things as neutral as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every professional esthetician needs to maintain their treatment room in good quality, both visually and in cleanliness. That's why a sink is a relevant part of such a business. Ensure you have hot and cold water at hand. It eliminates the need to retrieve clean water during cosmetic services and when sanitizing the space after each service.
A standard treatment room in a spa ranges 90-120 square feet. However, if you intend to have a laser, consider increasing the size to 120-140 square feet.
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