How Do I Hang a Wreath

  • A wreath is an authentic and traditional interior or exterior detail designed not only to commemorate important holidays but also to create an inviting and welcoming overall look.
  • Nowadays, hanging a wreath on the front door is still a very popular way of decorating the entrance of the house.
  • Depending on the material the doors are made of and the size of the wreath, there are few different ways how to hang the wreath appropriately.

The wreath is a unique interior or exterior decoration. People love hanging wreaths not only on some special occasions, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter but also to commemorate other important dates, like the 4th of July, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. In fact, the outside front door wreaths are more and more used as a nice exterior detail because it creates an inviting and welcoming look. 

There is a whole bunch of different types, sizes, and materials wreaths – Christmas wreaths, dried flowers, and herbs wreaths, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter wreaths…you name it!

No matter what kind of wreath you’ll end up with – one of the most important things to consider is how you’ll hang it on your door.

Traditionally, people choose to hang the wreath using staples, nails, or even thumbtacks – anything that would hold the wreath steadily. However, such methods are not that perfect as they can damage and scratch your doors. Luckily, there are other very effective alternatives!

Below we’ll introduce you 5 the most popular wreath hanging ideas so that you won’t have to worry about this part at all!

Hanging a Wreath on a Door with the Nails

Important: before you dive into the whole process, keep in mind that this method is only for wooden doors.

Putting the wreath on the door simply by hanging it on the metal nails is probably one of the oldest and most traditional methods. 

The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Mark the spot on the door where the nail will go. Usually, the spot should hang at eye level, in the center of the door.  
  2. Pick an appropriate size nail. Before you hammer any nails into the door, measure it! The nail should be long enough to hold up your wreath stable. After that, simply hammer one nail in up until it is stuck firmly. 
  3. Hang the wreath on the nail!

Rest assured – this method is tested and will definitely work every time. However, if you don’t like the idea of damaging your doors or leaving the little holes in it – keep reading below and we’ll show you how to hang a wreath on the front door without nail!

Hanging Wreath using a Magnetic Wreath Hanger

As you probably understand, the nails would not work for all types of doors. So how do you hang a wreath on a metal or glass door? 

Actually, if you have metal doors, you are lucky! No need to worry about damage to the door and all you need to do is simply go to the store and buy special magnetic wreath hanger!

TIP: Buy a magnetic hook special for metal surfaces. Despite its size, these little magnetic hooks really do the work. Anyway, if you want even more assurance – use to hooks.

Let’s move on to this simple process:

  1. Open the door and hold two magnets on either side of the door at the same time. The principle is simple – those two parts have to attract each other from the different sides of the door.
  2. In case your magnetic hanger didn’t come with a piece of some kind protective pad – make your one! Simply cut a piece of cloth and squeeze it in between the surface and metal. Why this is necessary? Because magnetic hooks can very easily scratch your expensive doors!
  3. Hang your wreath! Now, if your wreath begins sliding down along with your magnets – it means that it is too heavy. In this case, there are two solutions – either purchase a smaller wreath or stronger magnetic hooks.

Hanging the Wreath Using the Over the Door Hanger

I’m pretty sure this is one of the most universal wreaths hanging methods. Besides, it’s damage-free and works almost with any type of doors!

The wreath hanger comes in different colors, therefore make sure you choose one that complements the color of your door appropriately. Anyway, if it doesn’t – there’s nothing that a coat of paint could not fix!

So, how does it work?

  1. First, of course, open your door. The thing is that the wreath hanger will go over your door and will hold onto the top of it.
  2. Take your wreath hanger and inspect itone end is more rounded, and another – more square, right? Now, the more square end will attach onto the top of your door, and on the more rounded end, your wreath will hang. 
  3. You’re all set! Go ahead and hang your wreath on the rounded end of your wreath hanger.

TIP: Try to open and close your door once the wreath hanger is attached. Does the door close properly? If not, keep in mind that you’d probably have to look for another wreath hanger that is thinner, or to use another wreath hanging method. 

Use the Command Hooks for Wreath

Moving forward, let us introduce you to the most recent and perhaps the most effortless way of hanging the wreath on the door-command hooks!

Okay, to be completely honest with you, there are many opinions about this method. Some people find it very effective, others complain that they do not work at all. In regards to the latter opinion, we recommend you make sure that you purchase the appropriate hooks for the size and weight of your wreath.

How do you use the plastic hooks for a wreath?

  1. Measure the size and weight of your wreath and look for the plastic hooks that would hold your wreath firmly.
  2. Pay attention to the type of the hooks – they are specified depending on the surfaces you want to attach them to (e.g. hooks for wooden doors will not stay on metal doors).
  3. Attach the plastic hooks to the clean and dry doors and hang your wreath on them!

TIP: Before you attach the hooks on your door – clean the surface thoroughly. Rubbing alcohol is highly recommended for that as it removes all the grease and dirt very effectively.

Hanging the Wreath on the Door Knocker

We love this method! It requires the least amount of efforts and the wreath actually stays in place and hangs firmly. However, unfortunately, not all the doors have the door knocker!

If you are one of the lucky ones and do have a door with knocker – simply tie your wreath onto it using a nice color ribbon! Piece of cake!

Here you go – now you know at least 5 different ways of hanging the wreath.  It’s entirely up to you which of them you think is the best way to hang a wreath on the front door. I guess, the only thing that’s left – is to choose a nice wreath!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Totally not. There are many different types of wreaths for any occasion - Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, 4th of name it! Besides, many people use wreaths simply as a nice interior detail all year round.
Definitely not! Who said that? Wreaths are still widely used not only as a symbol of some important celebration but simply as a nice and welcoming decoration!
Sure thing! They look just as good both as an exterior or an interior detail. Inside wreaths look nice hanging over the fireplace, windows, or simply on the wall.
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