How Much Does Platos Closet Pay for Clothes?

  • If you’re looking for a quick, smart, and non-binding way to make money, we bet the Plato’s Closet stores—where you can sell clothes—pop into your mind at some point. At Plato’s Closet, you can simply leave clothes for cash. Closet will buy willingly the gently used brand name of used clothes. 
  • Otherwise, how much will you pay if you want to buy used clothes at Plato’s Closet stores? Plato’s has all the name brands and styles at up to 70% less than regular retail prices. 
  • So is selling the content of your wardrobe to Plato’s worth it? How much does Platos Closet pay for clothes? Let’s see in the article below.

What is Plato’s Closet?

Plato’s Closet is a chain of consignment shops with several hundred stores across the US and Canada. 

There is an impressive number of over 475 Plato’s Closet locations in North America. 

Platos Closet bases its success on enthusiastic franchisees that see their mission in delivering the latest trends and styles to the ever-changing world of fashion.

Each franchise is independently owned and operated. 

Several new store opens every month as Plato’s Closet brand continues to develop and spread its influence. 

Are you thinking about making some extra cash? Making cash on the spot sounds attractive to everyone; and it looks like you’ve just found a way! 

Purge your closet of redundant items, and you’re ready to go. 

Plato’s is interested in buying teen and young adult clothing and accessories—which they’re also selling to them later.

Why this target? 

It’s simple: Teens and young adults will appreciate these gently used clothes by well-known brands most. People this age focus on hunting what’s hot while not being prepared to spend much. 

Here, needs of young people are addressed ideally:

  • high-quality, 
  • gently used brand name, 
  • stylish apparel,
  • affordable; 

Tip: There are other consignment shops like, for example, Clothes Mentor, that buy and sell used clothes. 

Buy and sell your old clothes at Plato’s and make some extra cash easily. 

Keep in mind that you can bring your garments to Plato’s only if they are gently used.

Clothes for cash—how does it work?

Let’s say you’ve picked the clothes you want to bring to Plato’s Closet. 

Now it’s time for selling.

In the following paragraph, we will tackle which garments you can bring to the associate at Plato’s. We’ll also discover how to make money on it. 

First off, whether you sell online or in-store, make sure your clothing is free from stains and rips. 

When you’re in, expect to wait at least 30 minutes for Plato’s Closet associates to look through your clothes. 

What to do next?

  • go out and wait for their call you, or 
  • stay in the store and shop around during the entire process;

The Platos associates will explain which pieces they liked and which ones they didn’t.

They’ll offer you either store credit or pay cash cash on the spot at the pickup time. 

You’re free to accept to get paid or decline the offer if you feel it’s too low. 

Tip: If Plato’s workers don’t accept your clothes or accessories, come back tomorrow! If you individually owned your items and believe their condition is good, try another time with a fresh set of clothes. 

Which clothes can you sell?

Plato’s Closet is relatively strict about the clothes they purchase. 

There are two main rules to keep in mind when you’re deciding which clothes and accessories to bring to the store. 

The first rule, they must be gently used—meaning no:

  • stains, 
  • holes, 
  • fading, or 
  • excessive wear;

Secondly, they typically only buy trendy items, those that are currently in style. You’re more likely to sell clothes to Plato’s if they resemble what is currently in most stores. 

Plato’s accepts male and female shirts, blouses, tank tops, jerseys, button-ups, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, leggings, bathing suits, sneakers, slip-on, sandals, boots, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, laptop cases, wristlets, pouches, wallets sunglasses, hats, DVDs, books, and many many more!

How much does Platos Closet pay?

You may wonder if it’s worth it.

We’re here to dispel the doubts.

How much does Platos Closet pay for clothes?

Since Plato’s Closet cash for your items in cash, expect a sharp mark-down from retail value. 

If Plato’s Closet buys your clothes, it will usually be around 30-40% of the price you bought them at. 

Plato’s sell their clothes for 60 80 off retail prices, so they would have no profit if they spend much to buy them.

Is this answer Plato’s Closet pays satisfying? 

Let’s get down to details:

Closet secondhand stores are notorious for offering, on average, $13 for each item.

It’s different with small items: for example, they’ll buy basic T-shirts for around $2.

How much does Platos Closet pay for Jordans?

New shoes prices vary based on the brand style condition and demand. 

Plato’s Closet pays anywhere from about 5 to 60 for Jordans 5. The upper range is for like new shoes prices. 

Here are average price ranges for brands like: 

  • Jordans—$13 to $60,
  • UGGs—$5 to $20, and 
  • Hunter boots—$8 to $20;

What other kind of shoes will Plato’s Closet buy? 

  • Abercrombie & Fitch,
  • Adidas,
  • A New Day,
  • BDG,
  • Brandy Melville,
  • American Eagle,
  • Birkenstock,
  • Billabong;

What about clothes? 

For some name brand clothes and accessories that Closet buy and sell, with condition and demand average, brands are as follows:

  • Forever 21
  • Banana Republic, 
  • American Eagle, and many others;

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plato's accepts clothes and popular shoe brands and accessories such as purses, backpacks, jewelry, and hats. If you have any further questions about what you can bring, you can always contact Platos.
There is no extra washing on Plato's part in the phase between when you bring your garments and they sell them. Clothes you bring should start their Plato's journey in a ready-to-wear condition, i.e., be sellable to other customers. Short answer Plato's Closet reminds shoppers to wash the items once they get them home.
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