How to Clean Mattress Stains

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  • Mattress quality is a very important determinant when it comes to good night sleep and overall well-being;
  • Blood, urine, sweat and similar stains are the hardest to remove;
  • However, there are some really easy home methods to get rid of even the heaviest stains;

We spend almost half of our lives sleeping. The quality of our sleep determines our mood, health and how productive we are throughout the day.

Right now your mattress could be a home for millions of dust mites (or even more). Disgusting as it may sound, mites feed on dead skin cells that fall from our bodies. Furthermore, various types of stains appear in our beds almost inevitably. 

Should I continue, or you have already got the idea of how important it is to take care of your mattress regularly? Gladly, there are some really easy ways to do so!

Rule No. 1 – The sooner you notice the stain, the easier it is to remove it.

The Smell of Sweat

The majority of our body fluids such as sweat evaporates but the smell, unfortunately, stays. That’s why it is recommended to vacuum the mattress with a special nozzle at least once a month. The vacuum cleaner will absorb the various bacterial residues that emit bad odors from the bed surface.

TIP: For better and faster results, sprinkle the baking soda all over on the surface of the mattress generously. Then, wait at least 10 minutes and simply vacuum clean it again.

Blood Stains

Bloodstains can be a tough nut. Especially, if you have not noticed them instantly.

If blood appeared on the mattress just recently, some cold water and the clean white cloth will do a trick. Simply dampen the stain with water and rub it with a dry cloth or tissue until the blood stain disappears. This method will require your patience, but it’ll definitely work.

However, if you have noticed the stains only a few days later, go ahead and look for some baking soda! Once you got it, sprinkle it generously on the blood stains and spray some warm water directly on it – you want it to start foaming. Then, let it sit for an hour and vacuum clean the mattress afterward.

Well, if the stains are pretty heavy and even the baking soda does not work, try to mix a cleaning solution from 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of the dishwasher and ¼ spoon of hydrogen peroxide. 

After that, simply apply the solution on the stains and leave it to rest for about 20 minutes. In the end, gently brush everything away with a clean white cloth.

TIP: Dampen the cloth with hydrogen peroxide while brushing the stain for a stronger effect.

Urine Stains

The worst part of these types of stains is definitely the smell of it. 

First of all, you should blot the stain immediately. Simply press a paper towel over the bladder and let it absorb the fluids.

After that, mix a cleaning solution from the hot or warm water and white vinegar and spray it gently on the stain. Wait for about 5 minutes and dry it well.

You’ll have to put some more effort to get rid of the smell entirely. Your assistant number 1 in this case is…….BAKING SODA!

After you finish the cleaning process, sprinkle the baking soda generously over the entire mattress and leave it there for a few hours or even overnight. 

In the end, simply vacuum clean the mattress as usual (it’s recommended to use the special nozzle).

TIP: If you do not have the baking soda, use the potato starch! The effect will be the same because both potato starch and baking soda are materials that absorb moisture and unpleasant odors.

Truth to be told, not everyone is a follower of homemade cleaning solutions. If you are also not one of them, there are plenty of various chemical fabric cleaners that could help you to remove the stains from the mattress pretty well.  Most of them clean even the heaviest stains, so it won’t hurt to have at least one of them at home. 

Common Mistakes

  • Leaving the mattress wet. Make sure you dry the mattress up completely after cleaning it. A lot of dampness damage the mattress and upholstery. 
  • Cleaning the mattress only by dust extraction. This method does not remove the dirt from the mattress but rather deforms it. 
  • Washing the mattress cover only. Cleaning only the cover of the mattress does not remove all the dust mites and other microorganisms that hide underneath it.

General Tips

  • Reposition the mattress regularly. Even the best mattress can become uncomfortable in the long run, therefore it is recommended to flip it upside down once in a while to change the sleeping side. 
  • After changing the bedding, clean the mattress as well. No special measures needed – simply vacuum clean the surface of the mattress.
  • Air-dry the mattress at least once a year. Lay the mattress horizontally close to the open window and leave it for a few hours or even the whole day. Piece of cake!

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and even the most expensive mattresses lose its form and comfort sooner or later. That’s why it is recommended to change your mattress every 7-10 years to preserve the quality of your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally - no. However, the amount of effort you’ll have to put to remove the stain very much depends on how old and heavy it is.
Bleach is considered as a very harsh chemical therefore is recommended to use only in very urgent situations. Since bleach can remove heavy stains, it can also damage the overall mattress irreparably. 
Sure thing! There are both homemade cleaning solutions, and chemical ones. The most important is to act instantly and also to clean the mattress regularly.
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