How to Clean Scentsy Warmer?

  • When your favorite 2021 Scentsy dish is warming up, it exudes a nice, relaxing fragrance. The atmosphere of a place experiences a little change over time. It’s all made to please you. If your Scentsy warmer asks for a little change or cleanup, its scent fades. 
  • Are there any easy tips to turn your Scentsy warmer back to clean if it got a little wax mess on a dish? First, you can gently pop the wax out with a knife. You want to consider using methods like a magic eraser or cotton balls to get rid of the wax completely and change your Scentsy warmer into a clean one. 
  • You should know to change cubes completely, instead of adding new to the old, used ones. Don’t leave old cubes inside please, if you want to keep the new ones away from dissipating. 

Scentsy warmers

Remember that even the most charming and high-quality Scentsy warmer can get in trouble because of the wax. 

What is the most effective way to clean it and keep the fragrance alive? 

Cleaning a warmer out of wax―methods

There are a couple of innovative ways to remove the dirt that wax leaves on the Scentsy warmer. 

Let’s review the updated 2021 methods to deal with the Scentsy wax bar.

Method 1: Scentsy Counter Clean

This dedicated copyright cleaner is excellent for all sealed surfaces. This is what every consultant will say. 

Spray a Scentsy Counter Clean on the warmer dish.

It will cover all the brown oil film and turn the remaining wax dish into a better looking one.

Let it sit for some time and wipe out the film with a cloth to shine your dish up.

It will make your warmer spotless and pump up its looks. 

Tip: A residue is left behind after removing the wax if you don’t clean your dish after every use. If the old wax is left on the bottom of the dish for long, it leaves dirt. Fortunately, the residue doesn’t affect the quality of your scent. To remove the film for aesthetic reasons, spray some Scentsy Counter Clean in the dish. Let it sit for a minute and wipe it out.

Method 2: White vinegar

This method is less known but effective for removing spots from your scents warmers. 

You can try using other typical cleaning products as well. 

Method 3: Cotton ball

How to take away wax by cleaning your warmer with cotton balls? 

First off, place the cotton ball in the fragrance warmer when it’s on. 

Wait a few minutes. You want it to soak up the wax melt. 

Remove the cotton ball and wipe the dish clean with a paper towel.

Method 4: Paper towel

If you don’t have a cotton ball and looking for a way to make Scentsy wax leave for good. 

Heat the warmer up for 10 minutes. Then, turn it off. 

Clean the wax melt with a paper towel.

Method 5: Scrape it 

We also call it “a cold method,” as it’s based on freezing your warmers.  

Take the warming dish with scented wax and place it into the freezer or refrigerator until it becomes hard. 

Wait 15 minutes and take the dish out from the freezer.

The wax will:

  • cool, and
  • contract (become smaller); 

When the wax on the dish is still hard, after some time, pop it out easy with a knife. 

Take your warmer and check if you can easily pop the wax out.

Method 6: Hairdryer and paper towel

It sounds like a weird combination of tools, doesn’t it?

A hairdryer and some paper napkins/towels are enough to make your dish warmer completely clean. 

Switch on your hairdryer to the maximum heat.

Let it blow warm over the dried wax area.

The wax will start to melt in seconds. 

Wipe up the wet wax with your napkin.

Method 7: Magic eraser or alcohol

Do you have just a tiny stain on the wall of your warmer?

Use a magic eraser or a bit of rubbing alcohol on a clean paper towel. 

Rub out the stain, and it’s ready to go!

Method 8: Coconut oil

Waxing your legs may be hurtful, but the coconut oil that you usually put on after is a whole different story.

Why not use this pleasing coconut oil feature for your warmer?

Coconut oil will remove excess wax from any surface.

Smooth some of the oil onto any sticky area.

 Then wipe it off with a warm washcloth.

Method 9: Pour it out

If you don’t feel like scrubbing or playing with cotton buds, try another 2021 method. 

Please grab the dish from the warmer while the wax is melted and pour it into the garbage. 

Important: Never pour this liquid into your drain. Wax hardens in drains, causing problems.

What you should never do with a wax warmer

When it comes to cleaning your 2021 Scentsy warmer, there are still at least two forbidden things left you should never do:  

  1. don’t let the warmer be on without wax in the dish,
  2. don’t soak the electric wax warmer in water;


With this complete collection of eight simple tip to know, you can bring life and scent back to the dish warmers you love so much. 

Doesn’t your favorite 2021 Scentsy dish look better without an extra mess on the top?

The producer makes these fragrance warmers and has copyright, so you can always visit a website address or talk to the consultant for an instructional video. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wax doesn’t evaporate; it wouldn't get hot enough to do it. Why do we lose the fragrance after some time then? The scent from the warmer just dissipates in the course of use. Before adding new cubes, remember to take away the wax that already is in your warmer. If you add the new one to the old wax, the latter will dilute the former. This is one reason your fragrance doesn't last long enough.
Yes, you can. Scentsy has a bulb-free collection, so the light won't keep you awake at night.
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