How to Clean Squishmallow

  • Are you affected by the Squish magic yet? Squishmallows is one of the latest TikTok viral hits. They give us the emotional comfort we crave. These “stuffed animals” play a significant role in dealing with loneliness, anxiety, and depression. They also win over kids looking for their best bedtime buddies.
  • Squishmallows’ maintenance couldn’t be simpler—it comprises occasionally applying gentle cool water machine washing and a tumble dry on low heat or air fluff. Keep in mind that these soft plush toys shouldn’t be ironed! Don’t use a hairdryer, iron, or other handheld heated appliance to dry your Squishmallows. For minor stains, use a simple stain remover pen or wet wipe. 
  • How to wash Squishmallows to make them always look fresh as new? Keep reading to discover our golden hacks!

Squishmallow squad—all you need to know

Despite today’s all-digital climate, Squishmallow plush toys can captivate the attention of kids and teenagers.

Kellytoy has been producing these adorable couch companions since 2017. 

As for today, there are over 800 characters in the Squishmallow squad available to collect; they can be an excellent gift at any age.

From the original, registered characters, you can choose versatile Squishmallows:

  1. animals like dogs, cats, whales, unicorns, etc. (some people even call Squishmallows “stuffed animals”),
  2. food-related plush forms,
  3. seasonal collections, like the ones designed for Halloween or Easter;
  4. there are even a couple of gender-neutral Squishmallows that use “they/them” pronouns. 

Each Squishmallow character has its unique:

  • name,
  • bio, and 
  • storyline 

written on its hangtag. 

Squishmallows vary in size and can be anywhere from a 3.5-inch clip-on to an extra-large 24 inches.

This stuffed plush toy comes with puffy polyester fibers stuffing, making it super soft. 

No toxic chemicals are used or added to the outside layer and the fibers—cuddling these toys is super safe. 

Important: Squishmallows are Prop 65 compliant and are not flame retardant.

According to the official Squishmallow website, there have been over 55 million toys sold in over 40 countries in two years. 

It’s not the first time TikTok has led to such a strong cultural trend; think about Dalgona coffee, pancake cereal, and surprise mini brands. 

This international phenomenon owes its popularity to:

  • the pandemic—the time of the intensified search for comfort during the period of uncertainty and anxiety, and
  • strong social media presence—plenty of young collectors are eager to share and cherish their “stuffed animals” preys on Tik Tok; 

What else has turned Squishmallows into hot commodities? Placing them abundantly at family stores. 

For parents, a pure plush toy that captivated their children’s attention was a great relief from omnipresent high-tech digital equipment. 

Currently, there are over a hundred stores nationwide where to get your plush Squishmallow from, such as Walmart, Target, Aldi, Justice, TJ Maxx, Kroger, Five Below, Amazon, Marshall’s, Party City, Costco, Walgreens, and CVS;

Squishmallows plush toys cost between $10 and $40, depending on their size.

Ever since social media has normalized older girls enjoying a plush toy, it’s not solely the smallest kids’ dream anymore.  

Squishmallows care instructions

While caring for a Squishmallow isn’t that hard, memorize a couple of hacks to provide them with the best maintenance. 

Basic rules of maintenance

Let’s say that you’re opening your new Squishmallows box right now—your Squishmallow Baby Yoda hasn’t got dirty yet. What should you know at this point?

For starters, be careful with any sharp objects to avoid accidentally damaging your new squad member.

If you notice an extra thread sticking out from the factory, don’t pull it out. Instead, cut it off as close to the seam as possible to prevent further unraveling.

Wash Squishmallows

While some sources claim Squishmallows are machine washable, there are several tips to keep in mind to do it well. 

Important: The Squishmallow manufacturer’s FAQ states they shouldn’t be washed in the machine washer or submerged in any way; it can distort the stuffing inside and result in a change of texture both on the inside and outside of your item. 

The magic formula is to wash Squishmallows with bedding and similar materials in the washing machine.

So, for regular, no stain-related washes, always fill the washing machine with other materials to:

  • help keep its unique squish form, and 
  • ensure the machine doesn’t damage the fabric; 

It’s best to wash Squishmallows in cool water only. These babes don’t like it hot! So make sure you don’t set your washing machine to high heat and avoid hot water like the plague. 

Tip: It’s a good idea to put your Squishmallow inside a pillowcase. Tie it closed, wash, and dry your Squishmallow to keep it fluffy and good as new.

Squishmallows are machine washable but if they somehow lose shape after a wash and dry, give them an extra squish to get the shape back.

Small stains

If your Squishmallows have only a small stain and don’t require washing, you can clean their soft fabric with a simple stain remover pen or wet wipe.

Squishmallows can be cleaned using a damp cloth and spot cleaning the affected area. 

Dry Squishmallows

The best you can do for them is allow your Squishmallow to air dry. 

Remember not to use 

  • a dryer, 
  • a hairdryer, 
  • an iron, or 
  • other handheld heated appliance

 to dry your Squishmallows.

However, if you really have to put your Squishmallow in the dryer—tumble dry it at low heat or air fluff. 

Providing only low heat or air is the best way to keep the quality of the fabric and the form of the plush untouched. 

Kids, teenagers, collectors, and toy lovers of all ages love the cuddly, charming Squishmallows squad. 

You don’t have to search far—global adventures of Squishmallows plush toys are trackable on social media day and night. 

Follow our tips above to keep your fabric Squishmallows as good as new and never let them lose shape.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as the original toys hit the market, the parallel production of Squishmallows has spread like wildfire. Amazon is full of hard-to-cuddle, cheaply made, fake Squishmallows. Yet, you’re likely to find the original version of these couch companions at a local shop.
These "stuffed animals" are good for anxiety and loneliness, soft emotional support to squeeze onto to feel safe. They are even more comforting when received as gifts—reminding us of who gave them to us. Their presence helps us to relieve stress naturally.
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