How to Cleanse Shungite

  • Shungite is a rare black carbon-rich stone (99 percent carbon). It’s mainly found in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia.
  • It’s known for its unique composition. It contains fullerenes or 3-D spherical molecules (hollow inside) made of 60 carbon atoms. But not only peculiar fullerenes that it contains make for the uniqueness of this stone. Shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table.
  • Shungite became popular because it’s believed to have healing properties and positive energy thanks to its unique composition. In addition, some people trust it works as a shield against electromagnetic signals, provides us with spiritual power, and has purifying water ability.

Before we tackle how to cleanse this mineral, let’s tackle the very definition of the mysterious stone called shungite.

What is it? What do we use it for? What’s so special about it? Does it really have the ability to purify water and support our mental and physical health and balance?

Where does shungite come from?

The origin of shungite minerals isn’t well-discovered.

We know that carbon usually comes from decayed organic substances (for example, old forests).

In the case of shungite, this is not the case. Shungite stones have a 2 billion years old history. This moment in time is way before organic life and forests even exist on the planet earth!

Importance of shungite stones for humans

But wait, why did shungite stone even attract our attention in the first place?

There are several benefits that people believe shungite stones have. It became popular to believe that this mineral is a purifying power that reduces:

  • oxidative stress,
  • inflammation, and
  • EMF exposure;

No one refuses this kind of protection and support, do we?

Important: Experts also claim that shungite stones have the ability to purify water and protect our mental state relieving emotional stress.

What are the benefits of using shungite stone?

To be precise, there’s little scientific evidence on the benefits of stones called shungite. It is believed that fullerenes and some qualities of this crystal have healing and other beneficial properties.

Let’s look at how this crystal allegedly improves human lives. 

Reduces oxidative stress

It’s believed that shungite stone has antioxidant properties, and there are even such studies conducted in 2017.

A mouse was exposed to ultraviolet B radiation for two days. It caused skin damage and oxidative stress (as an effect of reactive oxygen species or molecules that damage cells).

The following seven days aimed to treat the mouse with a shungite crystal solution to bring her skin back to normal and start healing.

The shungite crystal influence decreased ROS production and increased the activity of antioxidant enzymes. 

Yet, keep in mind that despite the positive results of these experiments on mice from the laboratory, people are a different species.

Purifies water

Although it became more popular recently, it’s nothing new to apply crystal stones shungite to water for their water purification properties.

The tradition of joining water with shungite exists since ancient times.

As the 2018 study states, shungite crystal can filter water by removing contaminants and pesticides. In 2017, another study also found that carbon from shungite has the ability to remove radioactive compounds from water.

How to use shungite to perform the purification of your water?

Rinse your shungite crystals under cool water without soap, and place 100 grams per 1 liter of water. Then soak it in the water for 24-72 hours.

Shungite should mostly purify water within 24-72 hours, making it free from:

  • bacteria,
  • chlorine,
  • heavy metals,
  • nitrates,
  • pesticides, and
  • pharmaceuticals;

Reduces inflammation

In the 2017 animal study, the researchers measured lower levels of inflammatory markers, including cytokines or proteins involved in inflammation.

Scientists speculated that shungite stones might be helpful for inflammatory diseases. Yet, more research is necessary for any trustful confirmation.

Relieves stress

According to what we can hear from people enchanted by this particular stone, shungite helps relieve stress.

By soaking up negative energy and balancing emotions, it’s believed to be a cure for our human imbalances.

Important: let’s keep in mind the power of the human mind (we tend to see what we believe in) and the famous placebo effect.

It kills bacteria and viruses

We have already mentioned CNS at the beginning. It’s a type of carbon nanostructure also known as fullerenes.

The scientific review from 2017 shows that CNSs compressed in shungite can reportedly destroy harmful pathogens by damaging the cell walls of bacteria and viruses.

What’s more, after CNSs interact with microbes, the microbes lose electrons and die.

Yet, although this process does take place, it’s still unclear whether the presence of shungite in a pure stone or water can actually cure a disease in humans.

Eases physical ailments

It’s believed that we can get rid of some illnesses and health issues thanks to the healing characteristics of crystal shungite stone.

Many people observe improvements thanks to applying shungite in their lifestyles. Still, today, there is no confirmed clinical evidence for the physical influence of shungite on the human condition.

Shields electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions

Can shungite stone shield us from EMF emissions?

Researchers checked it out during a 2013 study where shungite reportedly protected rats against electromagnetic irradiation.

Yet, this shungite study involves animals and not humans, and it’s outdated by now.

Where else can we find positive energy in stones?

People love everything that concerns healthy life, wellness, positive body energies, and free healing.

But, also, getting rid of negative energy and protection from a bad environment and negative spiritual powers is what we’re mostly always in search of.

It’s believed that those mentioned above are all properties of shungite, mysterious life-free energy from Karelia, Russia. Yet, this carbon mineral isn’t the only one with such healing properties.

Some other popular natural stones and crystals are believed to have remarkable properties on our body, skin, and mental health. These energies for wellness include:

  • obsidian (protects against emotional and physical negativity)
  • ruby (increases confidence and energy)
  • clear quartz (known to enhance energy and balance)
  • rose quartz (encourages interhuman love),
  • amethyst (offers protection, healing, and spiritual wisdom),
  • sapphire (a symbol of wisdom, peace, and fortune energies),
  • turquoise (supports good health: immunity and healing);

Not surprisingly, people find ways to use the positive purifying power of natural crystals, whether shungite or others.

How to use shungite?

There is an abundance of ways to make use of shungite, from wearing shungite jewelry to putting crystals stones form in water for hours in the glass near the bed. You can also obtain energy in a purely physical way that is reported to provide healing and protection from emf.

Let’s review some of the most popular ways to use shungite properties for our health and wellness:

Infuse your water

It has been known for ages that stone shungite crystals have abilities to water purification.

You have two basic options:

  • you can use a shungite filter or
  • place shungite in water for 2 to 3 days;

Tip: If you choose to put shungite in the water, fill the glass with the rustic stone form or shungite in a pyramid and wait for about 24-48h until the energy starts to fill the glass.

Wear shungite as jewelry

You can find shungite stone in the form of beads or pendants.

To make use of fullerenes at their full potential, carry your shungite jewelry in your bag.

Then, if there really are healing properties in shungite crystals, you’ll have them near your skin and spirit at all times.

Display shungite in your home

Place the stone near your bed.

It is believed to work as excellent protection of sleep, keeping it calm and healthy.

In addition, the physical properties of shungite stones should help you destress.

Meditate with the stone

Put the shungite stone somewhere on your body or meditate, having it nearby.

Watch the negative process leaving your private sphere into space and making you healthy.

Place it near EMF sources

Keeping your shungite stones near electronic devices can have visible benefits for your life. Cleansing your body from negative energy like this radiated by microwaves and Wi-Fi routers can become a life-changing experience. Shield your body from EMF and let us know if this way to protect your health with carbon brought positive energy to you.

Cleansing shungite stones

Shungite should be cleansed from time to time if you want it to keep its body and mind healing properties.

Some people even believe that shungite has adverse effects if you wait too long and not wash it. Its form will protect your body at its best if you wash your shungite every week.

Tip: If you want to benefit from the healing quality of your shungite stone to work correctly, care for it. 

Mind that when it’s overwhelmed with electromagnetic energy, all the good is lost. As a consequence, the famous protection doesn’t work anymore. 

What are the effective ways to cleanse it?

1. Hold your stone under cold, running water

You can use water from a tap or rinse your shungite under a source of water. In both cases, the water has to be cool (avoid warm or hot). 

If you want to eliminate all the negative energy, add a bit of magic: a pinch of sea salt or burn sage.

2. Dry it with natural light sources

Let it dry under the moonlight or in the sunlight.

Sounds freaky? Experts report that keeping your stone exposed to the sunlight (give it at least two hours) can provide it to soak up natural energy from the space.

The same kind of intervention on earth with the help of the moonlight (at least five hours in this case) can help the negative energy dissipate from the stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It has been believed for ages that shungite stones have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to cure allergies, asthma, sore throats, gastric issues, arthritis, kidney problems, liver problems, chronic fatigue, gallbladder issues, autoimmune disease, pancreatic dysfunction.
As for today, research is lacking in this area, so it’s safer to follow standard medical treatment protocols instead. Currently, there’s no clinical evidence to support the theory about shungite-infused water healing properties.
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