How to Decorate a Loft Bed

  • Loft Beds have become a very popular alternative for small bedrooms.
  • A lofted bed is space-saving because space underneath can be very creatively used making the room more functional and efficient.
  • Below is the blog, we will show you how to decorate a loft bed in 5 amazing ways.

A loft bed is a really great space-saving alternative, especially for the small interior design. A bed with a loft creates some additional floor space underneath that can be used for various purposes. In this blog, you will be introduced to 5 different ideas for decorating your loft bed to make the most of it!

Work-From-Home Space Under Your Loft Bed

Or, in other words – office under your loft bed.

One of the most popular ways of using the space under the loft be dis to create a little private workspace. Now, there are a few ways to create one.

  • Buy a loft bed with an already built-in desk underneath. This way, you’ll save your time as the main part of your office is already created. The only thing that’s left is to get a chair and some other accessories for your office, such as a trash bin, a cute rug, some lovely wallpapers, etc.
  • Create the office under your loft bed. Now in this case you’ll need more time, efforts, and most of all- creativity (but don’t worry – not too much!). Before you construct anything – measure the floor space under your loft bed carefully. After that – decide where your desk should stand. You can also add some shelves and use one of them as your desktop. After that, get yourself a nice chair, some organizers for your supplies, and other accessories to finish up the interior design of your cute underneath-bed office space.

TIP: Having more space? Consider putting a nice little couch in one of the corners under your loft bed. This way you will not only have your own working space, but also the whole private room for yourself!

Additional Storage Under Your Loft Bed

Who on Earth doesn’t need one? We all struggle to find some more space for the things that we bought following our emotions (and that obviously we don’t even need).

Great news! If you have a loft bed that has some floor space underneath – you have to use it wisely!

  • Buy a lofted bed with built’in cabinets, shelves, or drawers. If you are only about to purchase a new loft bed, consider getting the one that has already built-in storage units. This way you’ll save a lot of time! The only thing you’ll have to do is to organize your stuff by putting it into those drawers and shelves.
  • Create a storage space under your loft bed. Although in this case, you’ll need more time to create a storage space – it’s totally worth it! Depending on the size of the space that you have underneath your bed, consider creating a few different storage places for your clothes, books, and things like electronics that you got for Christmas and never got a chance to use. There are plenty of different types and sizes of storage boxes, clothes racks, vacuum bags, small fabric wardrobes, and so on!

TIP: If you create your own storage space, consider labeling the boxes and bags as it will be much easier for you to find the items when you need it most.

Walk-in-Closet Under Your Loft Bed

Have you ever seen a movie where people have these walk-in closets with tens of pairs of shoes are sitting on shelves? Well, you could have one too! And lofted beds could work just great to make such dream come true!

  • Create your own walk-in closet. Depending on the size of the space, you can put some wide shelves along three sides of the area underneath your loft bed. Additionally, you can put some nice storage boxes under the shelves, or some cabinets with the drawers for your essentials. Instead of shelves, you can also construct some hangers for your clothes along all three sides of the area. Also, you can have both shelves and hangers in your closet, for example, by putting shelves on the two sides of the area, and leaving the third side for the clothes hanger. Use your creativity!
  • Open or closed walk-in closet? Decide if you want an open closet or a private one? In case you want a closed closet – consider adding some kind of door or nice curtains to the entrance of your closet.

Lounge Space Under Your Loft Bed

If your bedroom is pretty small and there’s no space for a couch or sofa – turn the space under your loft into the lounge!

  • Get some nice and comfy bean bag (or bags). There are thousands of different sizes and colors of bean bags that would boost the look of your mini lounge considerably! Depending on the space you have – get one bigger or two smaller bean bags that are soft and comfy. Here you’ll be able to take a nap or read or chill or whatever have you. Don’t forget soft and warm knitted blankets!
  • Place a couch. If you have space – consider placing a nice and cute couch on one side of your mini lounge and some kind of book shelve or a table on the other. You can also implement a small end table and put a cozy table lamp on it to create a relaxing atmosphere in your lounge. By the way, warm Christmas lights would work super great in this case!
  • Bring some pillows. If you want to keep the area under your loft bed more spacious – you can simply put some various size pillows and blankets underneath your bed. In this case, you should also consider having a fluffy and soft rug if you do not have one yet. Finish up your lounge interior design by hanging some cozy lights and wallpapers (or plants) – and that’s it!

TIP: Struggling to find a peaceful spot at home? You can turn the space under your loft bed into a relaxing lounge where you could take a nap yourself, meditate, or just daydream after a long day at work. In this case, consider leaving the space not too-crowded and most importantly – add the doors.

Children Play Area under Your Loft Bed

What child wouldn’t love to have a private hiding space under his own loft bed? I know I would love it very much!

  • Create a cozy atmosphere. Put a soft and playful rug so that kids could play on it without hurting themselves. Also, you can drop some fluffy colorful blankets and pillows in case someone would like to take a quick nap! By the way, bean bags, in this case, would be also a great idea!
  • Create a playground. Now the play area under the loft bed is a great idea because all that mess children make in their room can be hidden over there! Amazing, right? So, place some space-saving storage boxes and organize the toys. Also, dedicate a corner or too for other children stuff that usually tend to appear all over in the house.
  • Decorate the area. Children love colors (adults, by the way, too). So use your creativity here – hang some playful pictures on the wall, some various colors lights, and colorful rug. Drop some different color pillows and blankets. Your children will love it!

Here you go! Now you know even the 5 most popular decoration of your loft bed ideas. No matter if your room has a small space, or you simply want to upgrade an interior of your room – these ideas will help you to get the most of your lofted bed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have installed them correctly, following instructions, they are generally safe pieces of furniture. However, if you feel unstable in your loft bed or it keeps wobbling—check it carefully once more, even if you’re sure that the screw part went smoothly. There might still be some screws that you overlooked that need to be tightened. Also, check the loft bed’s surface (the bed’s position may be wobbly).
We have just broken the worldwide myth of loft bed being a piece of furniture ONLY for kids. The lofted beds are actually great BOTH for kids and for adults. It' just a matter of design, size, and material of your bed.
As you can see yourself - there are many different ways to decorate your loft bed. First of all, you need to decide what kind of purpose area you'd like to create. Do you lack private space at your own home? Do your children need a playground? Do you want a cozy place to nap? The options are endless!
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