How to Disassemble IKEA Loft Bed

  • IKEA furniture is widely used all over the world.
  • However, it can be difficult to assemble and disassemble IKEA furniture as manual instructions are pretty complicated to understand.
  • Below, you’ll find a practical explanation of how to take apart an IKEA loft bed.

IKEA has become so popular over the years that it would be difficult to find a home that doesn’t have any IKEA brand items. IKEA furniture is affordable and nice, so it’s not a surprise that people love it.

On a flip side of the coin, IKEA furniture can be pretty difficult to assemble – so many tiny parts along with the big ones…we all want our new bed to be nice and ready in 1 2 3, so when you see those tricky instructions for IKEA loft bed – seriously, it can drive you crazy!

Okay, one way or another, you have finally assembled that loft bed you bought for your kids. But what if after some time you decide to change it, or move it to another room? Yes, you’re right, mate – you will have to disassemble it…

However, let’s not panic yet! Gladly, we’ve made some research and have some very useful tips and tricks on how to disassemble IKEA loft bed in a very untroublesome way. Spoiler alert: it’s much easier to take apart the bed than to put it together!

Let’s get started!

What you need to disassemble the IKEA loft bed

This part is probably the easiest because to disassemble IKEA loft bed you’ll basically need just a very few things:

  • The pack of different sizes Allen wrenches (or one that is appropriate size)
  • Screwdriver with a flat head
  • Some transparent plastic bags or boxes to put all the small parts: screws, bolts, caps, hooks, etc. (that’s very important if you are about to re-assemble the bed)

TIP: Use small Ziploc bags to store all the tiny parts of you loft bed. Go an extra mile and label each of the bag – you’ll save a lot of time and patience for your future self when you’ll have to re-assemble the bed!

Prepare your loft bed for disassembling

  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need
  • Take out the mattress
  • Remove the rails from the top of the loft bed
  • Clear away all the additional stuff from the loft bed – decorations, stickers, etc.
  • Find the assembly instructions of your loft bed (if possible)
  • Use some additional hands – one or two friends would really facilitate the whole process

TIP: Can’t find the assembly instructions for your furniture? Google it! IKEA website has the majority of assembly instructions online.

How to take apart IKEA bed

Now that you made sure that all the tools are in place and ready for use, and the prep work is done – you can start to disassemble IKEA bed!

Remove the plastic bolts

Use an Allen wrench and a flat screwdriver to remove all the plastic bolts and caps from the loft bed. Usually, these parts are located on both sides of the bed slats. Therefore, make sure you go through each of them and remove every white plastic bolt and its cap.

How to do this: use the flat head screwdriver to hold the white plastic cap from one side, while turning the bolt in a different side using an Allen Wrench on the other side. Keep turning the bolt until it loosens up and can be removed easily.

Take out the bed slats

Now that you have loosened up all the bolts of the bed slats – you should be able to move them easily. So, now you can slide the bed slats one by one and carefully take them out of the metal railing. By doing this, remove all the slats from the loft bed.

Removing screws from the bed frame

Take your Allen Wrench and start removing the screws from your loft bed frame:

  • Remove the screws from the ladder (the ones that attach the ladder to the bed frame)
  • Carefully remove the screws from the end of the bed frame.
  • Then, carefully take out the whole end of the bed (it should come out in one piece). Important: this is the part where you may need additional hands to hold the other end of the bed so that it won’t crack.
  • Now, move to another end of the bed and remove the screws. It would be best if someone could help you by holding it while you are loosening up the screws.

After removing both ends of the bed, you should now have these parts of the bed: bed rails, two ends of the bed frame, the ladder rungs, bed slats.

Dismantling the two sides of the loft bed

Start with the ladder side of the bed:

  • If there’s enough space, lie down each side of the bed on the floor and then start disassembling them.
  • Remove all the visible bolts and screws, and put all the free parts apart (in boxes or bags, remember?)
  • Make sure you really need to disassemble an entire bed (maybe the sides would fit in a moving truck even if still assembled?)

Now, depending on your needs, it may be enough for you to stop here and start moving your IKEA loft bed. However, if you are planning to pack your bed in the boxes where they’ve been shipped to you, then you probably have to go ahead and dismantle the sides of the bed as well as the headboard and a footboard completely.

More tips for disassembling IKEA loft bed (or any other furniture)

  • Measure the new room. If you are disassembling the IKEA loft bed because you are about to move it to another place – make sure you’ve measured that new place carefully. It would be a shame if you would disassemble the whole bed, pack it up and only then find out that it doesn’t even fit in your new room! Save your nerves.
  • Make some calls before you start. If you plan to hire some company to help you move your IKEA furniture to another place – call them and ask if they REALLY need you to disassemble the furniture. Sometimes, moving companies can transport a fully assembled item. Save your time!
  • Be gentle. We all know that the affordable price of IKEA furniture is what makes it even more popular. Unfortunately, lower price sometimes means lower quality. Therefore, once you re-assembling your loft bed (or any other IKEA furniture) – go easy and do not overdo it so that bolts would not crack or other parts would not scratch.

Now that you know the most important principles of disassembling the loft bed – you are fully ready to get it done! Remember, taking the loft bed apart is not that difficult if you have some extra helping hands, the right equipment, and assembly instructions. By the way, people find it effective to follow the assembly instructions backward when trying to take the bed apart. It may be helpful for you too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see from this article - there are multiple ways to secure your loft bed to the wall. If the case is not that urgent and you just want to make your loft bed feel a little more stable - simply place it in the corner of the room and built a guard rails around the top of the loft bed. Now, if the bed wobbles and you want to ensure the security of you or your children - you can secure your loft bed to the wall studs or attach the bed frame to the wall using the special brackets.
Yes, it is. Of course, if you have installed them correctly, following appropriate instructions that are most of the time included when you purchase such a thing. However, if you feel unstable in your loft bed or it keeps wobbling - check it carefully as there might be some screws that need to be tightened, or the surface on which the loft bed is placed is wobbly itself.
A loft bed is actually the best choice if you live in a tiny apartment and want to sleep in a full-size bed! In the article above we have explained how great and space-saving piece of furniture the loft bed is.
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