How to Fold Chemex Filter?

  • If you aren’t a coffee-making enthusiast, you often have yourself a cup of coffee without much thought. Yet, suppose you’re inside the coffee culture and find nothing as satisfying as taking care of your favorite kettle. In that case, you probably go crazy about learning details in this department: brewing process, types of grind, ideal pouring spout, kinds of a coffee maker, and others. 
  • When a chemist, Peter Schlumbohm, developed the first Chemex coffee-making system, he wanted to achieve a perfect cup of coffee and make this experience available to everyone, every time. So if the Chemex filter and the rest of the brand’s accessories sound familiar to you, keep reading.  
  • In this article, we research the story and use of Chemex and its famous filters. Learning how to fold a Chemex coffee filter like a barista is really easy with the guide we prepared and are happy to share below.

What is the Chemex filter?

The Chemex filters are popular coffee filters. 

They are more densely woven than traditional ones and up to 20-30% heavier than the “coffee equipment menu” of competitive brands. 

These filters aim to regulate the flow of coffee. The filter slows down the flow of water passed through it, which results in a well-developed flavor.

They remove even the finest sediment particles and undesirable coffee oils and fats. Fractional extraction at 190-200 Fahrenheit leaves every coffee fat and bitter element in the coffee grounds—not in your cup.

The Chemex filter is folded into a cone shape. 

Using Chemex filters is simple. 

After all, it’s a basic pour-over structure, easy enough to be used at home by every amateur coffee lover. 

1. First, heat the water, 

2. Place your finely ground coffee in the filter (which is inside the glass kettle).

3. Drizzle the hot water through the filter slowly to brew the coffee grounds.

4. Wait for the grounds to bloom, releasing the sweet flavor.

5. Then, pour some more hot water;

Chemex’s story

The story of Chemex brewer began in 1941, when Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, Ph.D., invented the first Chemex coffee maker.

This American icon of design has remained on top of the coffee market equipment market since then.

Now, the brand is led by a brother and sister who grew up on the factory floor. 

Chemex continues to please the enthusiasts of the coffee brewing site.

The production of all Chemex high-quality glass coffee makers and paper filters starts with meticulous scientific research. 

The point is to provide a piece of flawless machinery designed to remove:

  • bad fats, 
  • bitterness, 
  • acidity, and 
  • sediments; 

Folding Chemex filter

It’s time to gain our hands-on experience and have a look at folding instructions.

The classic and most obvious method: 

Your Chemex filter is already pre-folded in four, so just place it in the Chemex and pour water to make it wet. 


If you use a Chemex filter this way—you’ll notice it’s three times more thick on one side than on the other. 

It means that less coffee will pass through the thick side. 

Unfortunately, uneven extraction is not as innocent to the ultimate effect as it seems. 

If you use such a high-end piece of equipment as the Chemex kettle and/or filter, this slight variation in its use will make a difference. 

We’ve got some good news!

We’ll help you learn how to fold a Chemex filter like a barista with the instructions below. 

Folding the Chemex coffee filter may not be rocket science. Yet, it’s different from dealing with the average filter. We mean the one you throw into the top compartment of your regular countertop coffee maker. 

Chemex double-bonded paper filters are critical to a well-extracted cup of coffee.

Traditional Chemex filter

The traditional Chemex filter comes as an unfolded circle. 

If you fold it in half once, it will start looking like a half moon. 

If you fold that half moon in half again, a filter will resemble a triangle with a curved bottom base made up of layers.

Follow our instructions on folding Chemex filters and become a coffee professional!

Tip: Use one heaping tablespoon per cup of coffee. When you get more familiar with your coffee equipment, you’ll be able to adjust the amount to your taste.

First off, fold the Chemex filter in half. Then fold in half again, bringing the two corners together. 

Look at the layered side of your triangle. 

By placing your finger between the 3rd and 4th layer, open into a funnel. Separate the 3rd and 4th layer with your fingers. 

Open them up. 

Now, you have a cone filter in front of you, one side is made of a single layer of paper, and the other side has 3 layers. 

Place the filter into the top of the Chemex with the 3-layer side along with the spout of the Chemex. This groove is an air vent—and the pouring spout—that allows air to escape from the lower portion of the coffeemaker. It lets the coffee filter at the proper rate. 

Ventilation and extraction depend on it, so don’t overlook it!

Remember that rinsing your filter is essential to make sure your cup of coffee will be of high quality.

Placing the filter as directed prevents vent clogging and facilitates filtration.

Once you’ve placed the filter in your beloved Chemex, put coffee in the filter paper cone. 

Boil water and run some of it through it before you add the coffee. 

Tip: To master this part, work on rinsing and pouring in 30 seconds. This way, you’ll let the water come to the right temperature without wasting time.

Important: Always drain the excess water to keep the paper taste from your coffee and seal the filter to the Chemex.

You can find the already pre-folded Chemex paper filter in:

  • square, and 
  • round form;

Half moon filter folding instructions

If you have a 3 cup half moon filter to fold, follow the steps below. 

First, fold the half moon in half to make a quarter circle.

Then fold up the tab.

Fold the whole thing in half again—now you have 1/8th circle wedge.

Open out the plan clear you have formed with your folds.

Place in your Chemex.

Rinse, and you’re ready to go!

Square filter folding instructions

Preparing the Chemex filter starts with folding it into quarters.

Find the corner with the most folds—this one will become the bottom of the filter, through which the coffee will drip.

Imagine or draw lightly a straight line running from this corner to the opposite one. The next two folds will run through these lines. 

Lift one area and place the edge along the imaginary line. Then fold into place.

Turn the Chemex filter over and repeat the last fold. 

You will see a shape resembling a kite: one fold on one face and the equivalent fold on the opposite one.

Now, unfold the filter completely. 

Now one of the four original crease lines is folded the opposite way round to the other three. 

We want all our four folds to be the same, so fold the filter in two to reverse the fold.

We’re almost there!

Place the filter on the top of the Chemex kettle—it will take shape effortlessly. 

Folding your filter and preparing your Chemex isn’t that hard, is it?

Have yourself a delicious cup of coffee as a reward!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chemex's simple drip coffee maker makes a stronger, richer cup of coffee than it usually would be. The Chemex paper filter is 20 to 30 percent thicker than other pour methods.
The good news is that Chemex works excellent for light, medium, and dark coffee roasts. You can even use it for tea. You will do best using a medium-coarse grind with a similar consistency to sea salt. It will allow for the best extraction and flow rate while brewing the coffee.
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