How to Get Blood Stains Out Of Sheets

  • Want it or not, various types of stains appear on our most favorite bedding set inevitably.
  • Out of the trickiest stains, blood is the one that requires a little bit more effort to get rid of.
  • It’s not that difficult to remove blood stains if you know the right methods to do so. Below, you’ll find even a few easy-peasy methods showing you how to remove blood stains from your beloved sheets in a flash!

Although not that often, blood stains still find their way to our favorite bed sheets. A bleeding nose, an open cut, a bite of the bug…anything can leave some annoying blood drops on the bedding set. However, there’s no need to panic – there is a whole bunch of different ways to get rid of them. The best thing is that most of the cleaning detergents are probably already sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

Now, before we explain to you each of the methods – there are some very important things you should keep in mind before getting to the cleaning process:

  1. Speed. The sooner you notice the blood stain – the easier it will be to remove it. So, act fast!
  2. Washing label. Before you pour any cleaning solution on the stain – make sure it won’t damage your sheets. Therefore, pay attention to the washing instructions of the material your sheets are made of.
  3. Water temperature. Use only cold or very cold water when cleaning the bloodstains. Hot temperature water will only make it worse.

Fresh Blood Stains

If you notice the blood drops on your sheets and start to act immediately (or within a few hours) – it means you’re lucky – you’re dealing with the fresh bloodstain and it’s way easier to remove it compared with a dried bloodstain.

Process of Removing Fresh Blood Stains

As we already mentioned above – speed is your companion in this situation. So, once you notice that bloody stain – go ahead and wash it off under the cold running water. Keep the sheets under the running water until there’s as little blood left as possible. After that follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab a soap bar and scrub the stain off. Simply start scrubbing the stain off gently using the bar of the soap and keeping it under the running water (cold, of course!).
  2. Use liquid laundry detergent. After you finish scrubbing the stain off, pour some liquid cleaning detergent or bleach (if the fabric is bleach-friendly) onto the remaining stain – rub it in a little bit and rinse everything off in warm water afterward until the stain is removed completely.
  3. Air-dry the sheets. Don’t put your sheets into the dryer if the stain is not removed completely! Our recommendation – always air-dry your sheets naturally.

TIP: Why is the hot water bad for the blood-stained sheets? Its because the blood contains certain proteins and hot water would simply help them get deeper into the fabric. Consequently, that would make the cleaning process even more difficult. So, trust the cold water – it’s way more effective than you think (especially when you use it together with the right cleaning solution).

Dried Blood Stains

Okay, if you haven’t had a chance to check on your bedsheets carefully for quite a time and you notice the bloodstains when they already seem dried – roll up your sleeves, my friend! Okay, don’t mean to scare you, even if that bloodstain has been sitting on your bedding set for a while – there are still plenty of methods to remove it. So, choose the one you like the most (or the one that won’t require you to go to the store).

Remove Blood Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide has a very similar effect to the bleach. However, it’s considered way safer and more natural.

People say that there is no such stain that hydrogen peroxide could not remove. So, how could you use it to remove blood stain?

  • Pour some hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. After you washed your sheets or clothes under the cold water, simply squeeze some hydrogen peroxide directly on the blood stain and leave it for half an hour or so. You’ll notice the stain starting to bubble – and that’s ok!
  • Gently rub the stain off. Now here you need to be extra careful – you don’t want to damage the fabric. So, after the bubbling goes down, gently rub the sheets or clothes together one to another, or use a very soft toothbrush to rub the stain a little bit. The idea is to help the hydrogen peroxide to soak into the fabric.
  • Rinse everything off. After you finish the rubbing process – rinse the fabric off under the COLD water (remember – don’t use hot or warm water if you are not sure if the stain has already gone).

At this point in the process, the blood stain should be gone. However, there is still a chance that the whole process will have to be repeated, especially if the stain was very dry and old. If that’s your case – don’t worry and repeat the steps again until you reach the satisfying result.

TIP: As we mentioned before, hydrogen peroxide has similar features as bleach, therefore if you are cleaning the darker fabrics – we do recommend you to test it at the less visible area of the material first.

Get Rid of the Blood Stains with Salt

If the hydrogen peroxide is considered a pretty strong cleaning detergent, the salt could be considered as a much safer one. However, it is also super effective!

  • Make a solution from water and salt. Get an empty bucket or any other plastic container with COLD water, add a couple of tablespoons of the salt (one cup of cold water has to get one teaspoon of salt), then stir everything until the salt dissolves.
  • Soak the fabric into the solution. Yes, do that! And leave it for a couple of hours.
  • Rub the stain. After a few hours of soaking, you can take the sheets off and rub the stains off a little bit. Then, if the stains are still visible – leave it soaking for a little longer.
  • Rinse off. Finally, rinse the sheets off under the cold running water. If the stain is still visible – repeat the process, or try to use another method because it might be that that bloodstain is extra stubborn.

TIP: Salty water method is the best choice for silk sheets – they won’t damage them.

Say Goodbye to the Blood Stains with Ammonia

Perhaps, you won’t find any article about removing the stains without mentioning ammonia. Yes, this thing is truly magical when it comes to stain removal.

  • Mix ammonia and water. Make a mixture of cold water and ammonia – equal parts.
  • Soak the sheets into the solution. Now, take the fabric with the blood stains and soak it into the ammonia-water solution. Leave it sinking for no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off. You know what to do now, right? Like always – run the cold water and rinse the sheets (or clothes) off. What’s next? Check the stain – if it is still visible – repeat the process!

TIP: Don’t have ammonia at home? Don’t worry, before rushing to the store – make the same cleaning solution using the white vinegar instead.

Removing Dried Blood with Baking Soda

As ammonia and hydrogen peroxide – baking soda is the king of the stain removal. Seriously, who hasn’t tried it???

  • Make a baking soda paste. Take let’s say a few teaspoons of soda and pour some cold water on it. How much of water? As much as needed to make a paste (not a liquid). So, do not overdose the water.
  • Apply the baking soda paste on the dried blood stains. Cover the blood stain with the baking soda paste generously and leave it to rest for at least 30 minutes (if the stain is old – you can even leave it resting overnight).
  • Rinse with cold water. Yep! Use the cold or very very cold water to rinse the sheets off, and if the bloodstains have disappeared – drop everything into the washing machine and wash it as usual.

Drying the Blood-Stained Fabrics

When it comes to the blood stain removal – the sun can be very helpful when getting the blood out of sheets. Sometimes one washing cycle is not enough to remove the blood from clothes or sheets. If you don’t want to repeat the whole removing blood process instantly – air dry it in the natural sunlight first and then repeat the blood stain removal process.

How does the sun help to remove the blood out of sheets? Well, the heat that comes from the sun helps to crack down the protein in the blood stain. Consequently, that blood stain becomes weaker and less resistant to the sain removing chemicals, such as salt, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or etc. So, if the first time removing blood out of sheets was not successful – it is very likely that the second will be victorious.

Here you go! Now you know that everything is possible and even the blood on clothes is not a tragedy at all. So, next time you notice the blood stains on your clothes or sheets – act immediately, read the washing label of the fabric before you use any chemical, and make sure you use only cold water when removing the stains. Good luck!

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No, they are not. There's nothing that hydrogen peroxide or ammonia could not remove! Okay, there's always a chance that it will not disappear completely, especially if it's super stubborn and old.
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