How to Get Wax Off Hardwood Floors

how to get wax off the hardwood floor
  • Candles are gorgeous! They can create a festive, romantic, or simply cozy environment in no time.
  • Some candle wax dropped on the floor is rather a normal thing than an end of the world.
  • Two of the most effective ways of getting the wax off the hardwood floors are ice and heat methods.

Candles are one of the easiest ways to create a cozy, romantic, or simply calming atmosphere in any environment. Lighting an aromatic, nicely-smelling candle after a long day at work can help you cope with the stress and relax. It’s simply a cheap meditation at home!

Anyway, things happen and sometimes candle wax accidentally appears where it shouldn’t – like the floor. Luckily, there are some easy ways to get wax off the wooden floor, especially hardwood. 

In the article below, we will show you the two most effective methods of getting wax off hardwood painlessly.

Removing the Wax with a Heat

As candle wax melts pretty fast – this method will get the advantage of it.

What you will need:

  • Plastic spatula or something else to scrape the wax
  • Iron (or hairdryer)
  • Paper towel, towel, or any other clean piece of cloth that would be able to absorb the liquid

TIP: Use a towel or rag that would be possible to throw away afterward

The Process of Removing the Wax Off the Hardwood

  1. Take a plastic spatula and scrape off as much candle wax from the hardwood surface as possible. However, please do not overdo it – instead, scrape easily, leaving the bottom layer of the wax stuck to the floor so that you won’t damage it. You’ll get back to it later.
  2. Now, take a towel you decided to use and cover the remaining wax with it.
  3. Time to heat that wax up! Take iron and set it to the low or medium setting without steam. After that, lightly, easily start ironing the covered area as you would iron a simple piece of fabric. It’s very important to move the iron all the time and not let it stay in one place for too long (you don’t want to burn it).
  4. As an alternative to iron, you can use a hairdryer. The idea is to melt the candle wax with heat for the towel you are using to absorb it.
  5. After the ironing process, take the towel away. At this moment, most of the wax should be gone from the hardwood and stuck to the fabric. If not – return to step No. 3 and repeat the process. 
  6. Finally, remove the remaining residue of the candle wax oils. For that, simple olive oil or coconut oil could be helpful. Also, the specific cleaning solutions found at the local-store could be used too. Just make sure your hardwood floor won’t be damaged by the chemicals in it.

Getting Wax Off the Hardwood Floor with Ice

Now, in case you don’t have any working iron or hairdryer by hand – there is another effective method to get the wax off the hardwood floor easily. Unlike the wax heating method, instead of making it liquid – the wax icing method will make a wax solid.

What you will need:

  • Plastic spatula or something else to scrape the wax
  • Furniture wax or olive oil
  • Ice cubes in a plastic bag

The Process of Removing the Wax Off the Hardwood

  1. Take a pack of ice and cover the wax stain with it. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes to make sure the wax becomes really solid.
  2. Once the wax is solid, take a plastic spatula or any other scraper of your choice (just not a metal one) and start scraping the wax gently off the hardwood floor surface. It’s very important to don’t rub it hard – you don’t want to damage your floor. Keep scraping the wax-up until it disappears. 
  3. After the wax is scraped off nicely, it’s time to get rid of any remaining wax oils. In this case, you will need a furniture wax or simply olive oil. 
  4. Finally, it’s recommended to mop your floor, as usual, to finish up the whole process completely.

And that would be it! Now you know two completely different but equally effective ways of getting the wax off the hardwood floor. So, keep enjoying the candles, and don’t worry about some random wax spills – you now know it’s not a disaster at all. Just remember to follow every step super carefully so as not to damage your floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not. People who say that are probably a little bit lazy to look for information about how to remove the wax stains... Luckily, we have researched this topic and managed to show you how easy it is to remove the wax off of the bedsheets. Everything is possible!
Yes, you can. Although the first steps are similar to removing the wax of the bed sheets, there will be several extra steps with a carpet. To eliminate the oily spot, you may consider taking the carpet to the dry cleaners or browsing for more specific information.
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