How to Get Wax Out of Clothes

how to get wax out of clothes
  • Candle wax spills are a very common issue, especially if you are a romantic type of person.
  • Luckily, we live in the XXIst century and the Internet is full of simple and effective techniques how to get wax out of clothes. 
  • Anyway, to save your time, we’ve decided to test those techniques ourselves and have picked three of the most common ones.

Candles are one of the easiest ways to create a cozy, romantic, or simply calming atmosphere in any environment. Lighting an aromatic, nicely-smelling candle after a long day at work can help you cope with the stress and relax. It’s simply a cheap meditation at home!

Candles are probably the cheapest way to create a romantic and relaxing environment. No need for special occasions or specific conditions – you can light candles in any place and at any time! 

On the other side of the coin, candles can make a real mess if you use them unsafely. Yes, you are right – we are talking about candle wax! It is one thing when candle wax accidentally spills out on the floor or table – but it is a whole other thing when it drops on your favorite jeans!

Luckily, it is almost as easy to get the wax out of clothes as it is to spill it. In the article below, we will show you some super effective methods of removing wax from the clothes. 

Important: first and foremost, carefully analyze the care label of your clothes: what material your clothes are made of (you don’t want this tiny issue to turn into disaster).

Candles are one of the easiest ways to create a cozy, romantic, or simply calming atmosphere in any environment. Lighting an aromatic, nicely-smelling candle after a long day at work can help you cope with the stress and relax. It’s simply a cheap meditation at home!

Anyway, things happen and sometimes candle wax accidentally appears where it shouldn’t – like the floor. Luckily, there are some easy ways to get wax off the wooden floor, especially hardwood. 

In the article below, we will show you the two most effective methods of getting wax off hardwood painlessly.

Here’s What You Need for Wax Removing

  • Ice or a freezer
  • A sharp tool (like a knife)
  • Paper bags (or paper tissues) 
  • Hot water (or electrical iron)
  • Cleaning solution for stains (store-bought)
  • Washing machine

Removing the Wax Off Clothes by Freezing

This step is dedicated to removing the excess wax that’s been spilled on your clothes. In order to do it easily – you will have to freeze that wax properly. 

  1. Drop your clothes in the freezer. Easy as it may sound, you have to put your stained clothes into the freezer and wait for a bit until the wax will harden up. This way it will be a piece of cake to remove the wax off clothes using a sharp tool.
  2. Freeze the candle wax with the ice. In case you don’t have a freezer, or more likely do not have any space for the clothes to squeeze in it – you can take advantage of ice cubes. Truth to be told – this alternative takes much more time than the first one. However – it is indeed effective! What you gotta do is to rub the bag of ice back and forth all over the stain up until it hardens up. 
  3. Get rid of frozen wax. Now that your wax is hardened – it will be easy to scrub it. Use a knife (A butter knife would be enough), or any other sharp tool to scrub the excess candle wax off the clothes.  Scrub the wax off. It should be easy! If it’s not – maybe you haven’t frozen the wax enough.

Removing the Wax Off Clothes by Melting

The first step may seem super easy – the wax came off without too much effort. However, you are just halfway through the process. Wax is an oily thing – it leaves some irritating stains afterward, therefore you’ll have to work on those wax stains a bit more. 

  • Use the paper tissue (or bag) to cover the stain. The thing is – it’s not important what piece of paper or fabric you will use – anything that could absorb liquidy stuff will be okay. 
  • Set the iron temperature that your clothes can tolerate (care label, remember?), heat it up. 
  • Start ironing the clothes covered with the piece of cloth. Gently move it around – do not keep an iron in one place for too long. What happens here is that hot iron melts the wax again, and the towel (or paper bag) absorbs the liquid that comes from the stain. 
  • In case you don’t have iron, hot water can work as an alternative. Again, as an alternative method, this one will take a little bit longer too. However – it works! Just put your clothes under the super hot running water. Focus on the wax stain, of course. Keep it there until the wax starts to melt. Afterward, use a sharp tool to scrub the melted candle wax off. 

Now, you may still not be 100% happy with the results. If you notice that there is still too much visible wax on your clothes – you can surely repeat this step again!

Removing the Wax Off Clothes by Washing

This is the last step of this whole candle wax removal process. That’s where the stain removal will be used to clean the oily stains that are probably still visible on your clothes. 

  • Dampen the wax stain using the stain remover. Do not be afraid – pour a generous amount of it – better more than less. If the stain is pretty big and visible – let the stain removal soak in the clothes for some time.
  • The last step – put your clothes into the washing machine and wash them with the regular program. Easy!

Didn’t Like Any of the Methods?

Getting rid of candle wax stains is easy – you just need some equipment (found at any household), some time, and just a little effort. 

However, it is totally normal if you do not feel like going through this process yourself. It might be that you are not sure about the care instructions for your clothes, or you don’t trust your cleaning skills, or you simply don’t have time for anything like that! 

If any of that is your case – keep calm and bring your clothes to the professional dry cleaner’s. Problem solved!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, they are not. People who say that are probably a little bit lazy to look for information about how to remove the wax stains... Luckily, we have researched this topic and managed to show you how easy it is to remove the wax off of the bedsheets. Everything is possible!
Yes, you can. Although the first steps are similar to removing the wax of the bed sheets, there will be several extra steps with a carpet. To eliminate the oily spot, you may consider taking the carpet to the dry cleaners or browsing for more specific information.
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