How to Get Wrinkles out of New Curtains

hanging curtains
  • Everyone loves the feeling of unwrapping and hanging the new curtains – the whole interior design of the room changes immediately!
  • However, most new curtains are wrinkles due to the tight packaging.
  • In the article below, we will show you some easy ways of getting the wrinkles out of the new curtains with just a little effort and time. 

No matter how easy it is to hang new curtains – want it or not, most of them will have wrinkles. That’s no surprise as usually they are packed tightly and securely. Unfortunately, such creases and wrinkles won’t disappear themselves – you’ll have to put some effort to it. 

Anyway, there’s nothing to worry about because in the article below we will share with you with some super easy and untroublesome methods on how to get wrinkles out of your new curtains.

Get Wrinkles Out of the Hanging Curtains

If you have already hung your curtains and you really don’t want to take them out again – try to remove the wrinkles from them while they still hang.

  1. Spray some plain water all over the curtains. Focus mostly on the most wrinkled parts of the curtains, of course. It’s very important that the bottle of spray bottle would be clean and without any additives to not cause any damages or stains on your brand new curtains. Continue spraying water until the curtains become slightly damp. After that – simply leave the curtains hanging and air-drying naturally. If the weather conditions allow – open the window to let the wind in. If the wrinkles weren’t too bad – this method should be enough.
  2. Spritz the new curtains with a special wrinkle-release solution. Yes, such a product really exists – look for it in your local store. If you got it – simply spray it all over the curtains like you would with the plain water. After that, the process is similar – simply let the curtains air-dry themselves. Now, if this doesn’t help – you can try to repeat the process again the next day. 
  3. Have a steamer? Perfect! Simply follow the steamer’s instructions and get it ready. Then, start moving the steamer gently from the top of the curtains to the bottom up until the wrinkles disappear. Agina, if you notice that wrinkles are still there the next day – repeat the process all over again.  
  4. Have an iron (what kind of question is that, right)? Then use it! Set the steam program on your iron, hold it close to the curtains (not touching it) and start moving it gently. It would be best if you would keep the iron about 15 centimeters away from the fabric to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Tip: Do not hold a hot iron in one spot for too long – a few seconds is enough. 

Get Wrinkles Out of the New Curtains with a Dryer

  • Take the curtains off the curtain rod and drop them in the dryer along with the wet washcloth (or damp towel).
  • Then, turn the dryer on medium heat and run it for about half an hour.
  • After that, take the curtains and hang them again to air-dry completely.

Get the Wrinkles Out of the New Curtains by Steaming

  • Take the curtains and hang them in your bathroom over a bath filled with hot water, or over the shower rod.
  • Then, run the hot water. It’s important that all windows and doors would be closed in this case as it helps for the steam to create.
  • Run the water for about 10 minutes and then turn it off leaving the curtains hanging in the bathroom filled with steam for more half an hour.
  • Finally, hang the curtains on the curtains rod and leave them to dry up completely.

Get the Wrinkles Out of the New Curtains by Washing

  • Wash your new curtains following the care label instructions. If the label says – dry clean only – avoid any of these methods and take them to the professional dry cleaner’s. 
  • After washing the curtains, drop them in the dryer and set the lowest heat setting. Again, if there’s any information regarding drying your curtains on the care label – stick to them. If it’s okay to dry your curtains in the dryer – then continue the process by leaving the curtains in the dryer for about half an hour. There is no need to dry the curtains completely. They should remain damp.
  • Lastly, take the curtains out of the dryer (still slightly damp) and hang them back to air-dry naturally. By air-drying naturally, the wrinkles from the curtains should disappear. It’s important to spread the curtains evenly to avoid any wrinkles.

Here you go  – now you have not one but several super easy methods to get rid of wrinkles out of your new curtains. Remember – if you try any of the methods and it doesn’t work – you can repeat it one more time or simply move to another one. 

However, before going for any of these methods – read the care label of your curtains carefully. If it says – “dry clean only” – better take it to the professional dry-clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases - yes! And it is one of the easiest ways to get rid of wrinkles. However, you gotta be very careful before putting your curtains into the dryer because not all fabrics are dryer-friendly. Our advice - always follow the instructions written on the care label.
There is no one best way to get the wrinkles out of the curtains. I do believe that it depends on the equipment you have and the effort you are willing to put into this. Also, it very much depends on the fabric your curtains are made of and the difficulty of the wrinkles.  Therefore, carefully evaluate the situation and choose the method that fits you the most!
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