How to Hide Laundry Hampers

  • The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home.
  • To keep it tidy, it is important to organize all the stuff, such as laundry, appropriately.
  • No matter if the bathroom is a small, medium or a large one – there are plenty of options to store your dirty laundry conveniently.

Most of us start and finish our day in the bathroom – in the mornings, we prepare ourselves for the whole day, and in the evenings – we come here to relax and get ready for sleep. That’s exactly why it is so important to create and decorate your bathroom thoroughly so that it would be both functional and nice.

Why do we emphasize the importance of functionality? Because we all have piles of laundry, towels, and toiletries that somehow always appear in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only way to keep the bathroom tidy is to organize all the stuff in a way that every item would have its place.   

Since it is not that hard to find a place for small bottles, washing liquids and towels, one of the main mess creators – remains. Of course, we are talking about dirty laundry. Where to put the laundry hamper? Do I hide it or maybe use it as an interior detail? What are the alternatives to laundry hampers?

Read below and discover new ways to store dirty clothes in the different types of bathrooms (and other rooms, too).


If you live in a flat or apartment and have a medium/small size bathroom – you probably struggle to find some additional room to put your laundry. The most common concern in such bathrooms is, of course, the lack of space

So, what are your options?

Laundry Basket

Perhaps, you already use some kind of laundry bin or box that is sitting on your washing machine. But do you know how many different sizes, materials and types of laundry bins there are? Thousands! Therefore, don’t be lazy – review the interior of your bathroom once again and replace that boring plastic laundry bin with the one that is not only practical but most importantly – fits the interior of your bathroom!

Built-in Unit

We understand that sometimes there is not enough space on the bathroom floor to even place the laundry hamper. Therefore, a built-in unit is your plan B! 

Although it might cost a little more money and time, it’s totally worth it. If you already have a pretty deep drawer where one or two plastic containers could fit – you are even luckier. Having at least 2 containers is way better because you’ll be able to pre-sort your washing.

Here you are – no plastic laundry bins sitting on the washing machine or the floor, and the dirty clothes are hidden securely!

Space under worktop

If your bathroom is too small to squeeze the commode or bathroom cabinet, the space under the counter could definitely be a solution! Simply leave a cupboard-free space under a counter or a tabletop to fit one or two laundry bins without the lids under it. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Here’s the example of how genius and space-saving this idea is:


First of all, congratulations on having a spacious bathroom! However, there are probably other concerns that do not leave you alone – which way is the best to store the laundry? 

Before you make a decision, think about two things:

  1. Do you want your laundry storage to be visible and work as an interior detail?
  2. Do you want the laundry bin to be hidden?

If you want it to be visible – it’s time to turn your imagination on! Think about what color and material the laundry storage would complement your bathroom interior the best? Should it be made of rattan? Wood? You know, it could even work as a comfortable bench for you to sit and daydream after a long day at work. Think about it thoroughly and choose the laundry storage that is not only beautiful but also functional.

Now, if you prefer to keep your loads of laundry out of sight – consider hiding it in some sort of… cabinet!  

If you have the bathroom that is spacious enough, there probably already is some kind of closet or even a wardrobe. Use it wisely! Empty some deeper shelves and tuck the laundry baskets in it. Alternatively, use the space under the lower section so that it would be even more accessible.

TIP: If you choose to use a few laundry baskets – label them! This way, any member of your family will sort the laundry out before washing so that you won’t have to do this later. Smart, isn’t it?


Not all people store the laundry in the bathroom. We also totally agree that other rooms are also perfectly suitable for that.


If you do not have the cupboard or wardrobe in the bathroom, you probably definitely have it in the kitchen! So why not implement some plastic or fabric laundry bins into the kitchen cabinet? Free some space in one of the bigger drawers or shelves and that will work just fine!

TIP: When hiding the laundry boxes behind the closed doors, it is more convenient to use the bins without the lids. So, to eliminate the smell from, for example, wet laundry, sprinkle some baking soda powder in the laundry storage!

Laundry Chute

Of course, this old and classy option is for bigger apartments and could only be implemented if your living space is still under a renovation process.

A laundry chute is a great laundry system as it solves few issues at the same time – it doesn’t occupy the space, it is super convenient and not visible. Nevertheless, you don’t have to carry the heavy laundry bags from one room to another.

How does it work?

Install the laundry chute in a convenient place upstairs, such as a bathroom, kitchen or hall. The end place of your laundry chute is your laundry room that is most likely downstairs, in the basement. And that’s it – put the dirty laundry into the laundry chute and it will go straight down to the laundry room without anyone’s notice!

All in all, it’s obvious that there are a lot of original ways to hide the laundry hamper in any size of bathroom. The only thing you need is basically a good imagination!

Frequently Asked Questions

Laundry hamper is a laundry storage where dirty clothes are stored.
There are many different sizes of laundry hampers - tall, short, wide, narrow...You name it! I bet you will find the one that will fit your bathroom.
It depends on what type of laundry basket you own. However, most of the laundry baskets can be perfectly hidden into the wardrobe, commode or closet.
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