How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

  • Air Mattress is a must item in any home. Unexpected guests? Friends sleepover? Fight with a roommate? An air bed will save you!
  • Most people undervalue this thing because it doesn’t feel like a real bed;
  • Below in this article, we will prove those people are so wrong! You’ll find some life-changing hacks that will help you to discover a completely new side of the air mattresses!

Going on camping? Unexpected guests? Throwing a pajama party? Had a fight with a roommate? In any case – air mattress could be very useful! However, not all people enjoy sleeping in this bed because it’s not that comfortable as a real bed (well, fair enough).

However, we actually do believe that air mattresses can be satisfactory and we are happy to reveal a few life hacks on how to make an air mattress even more comfortable. Continue reading!  

Place the Air Mattress on the Soft Surface

The surface on which the air mattress stands can cause the back pain, or on the contrary – improve the overall sleeping experience in general. People often overlook the surface aspect and tend to blame the air mattress to be uncomfortable.

  • Air bed should stand on the soft, flat surface, such as carpet so that it would not cause the lower back pain;
  • Placed on the soft surface, an air mattress will less likely slip and slide (you don’t want your mattress to move along with your body every time you flip on the other side);
  • Another alternative for soft surfaces – a rubber mat. Simply lay it on the hard floor and then place the air mattress on it;

TIP: Before you inflate the mattress, carefully inspect the surface on which you intend to place it, remove any little tiny stones or sand. Although you will not feel pebbles while lying on the mattress, the mattress could be damaged when it is pressed by weight.

Keep an Eye to the Air

That’s one of the most important things to remember in order to maximize the comfort of the air mattresses and increase the quality of your sleep.

  • Too much air can damage your mattress. One of the most visible signals telling you that there is too much air – the appearance of the air bubbles on your mattress. 
  • Too little air can cause serious back pain and lower the quality of your sleep considerably. The air bed that lacks air is way too soft and doesn’t support your body weight properly (watch the animation provided in the beginning in this article).
  • Important: inflate your air bed to a maximum of 90% so that your sleeping experience would be nice and comfy.
  • Check on the condition of your air bed every few days and re-inflate it if needed.

Make your Air-Bed Feel Like a Real Bed

In other words – do not forget your habits – put all your favorite pillows, blankets, bedsheets and stuff like that in your airbed to make it feel like a real bed – just like you are used to! 

  • Depending on what kind of air mattress you have purchased, you might need an additional mattress topper so that the sleeping surface would be much nicer to your skin. For example, if your air mattress doesn’t have any soft topper, it would hardly create the sleeping experience similar to the memory foam mattress.
  • Try to cover your air mattress with some thick blankets or sheets to create a flat and soft topper. Place a fitted sheet afterward so that sheets would not wrinkle.
  • After the nice topper is created, drop some comfy pillows in your airbed to make the mattress even more comfortable and cozy to sleep.

Elevate the Air Mattress

That’s actually an extremely great idea to bring the simple air mattress to the next level! Never thought about this? Well, give it a try and you’ll see it!

  • Find some kind of elementary box spring (with or without bed frames) to put your mattress on. Some sort of wooden platform frame would work as well, the most important that it would stand stable on the floor.
  • This way, you would also solve the soft surface problem if you struggling to find one at your home. 
  • Elevating the mattress on the box spring makes your air bed even more comfortable as it is much easier to get up from it (obviously, it would stand higher).
  • Finally, upgrade your air bed even more by adding bed frames and a headboard! Okay, if the headboard sounds too much and too expensive – simply push your airbed against the wall – it will create the same outcome (believe me, you need some head support when watching Netflix).

So, if we asked you now what is your opinion about the air mattresses – what would you say? If you still have doubts about it – it’s time to try to upgrade your air mattress by applying those surprisingly simple methods we just taught you about! Anyway, at the very least – your guests will be out of words…

Frequently Asked Questions

They are not cold in general. However, if you put it on the hard floor - the temperature changes in the room can affect the temperature of your airbed accordingly. That's why it is really important to place your air mattress n the soft surface, such as carpet, or to elevate it on the box spring or some kind of wooden platform.
Watch the air in your air mattress, place it on the soft surface, cover it with nice and soft blankets and pillows, push it against the wall, or even elevate it - it will become as comfortable as your usual bed!
Well, my friend, it's completely up to you! Air mattresses can be super comfortable if you take some extra steps to upgrade it following any of the instructions provided in this article.
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