How to Make Your Bed Comfortable Like a Hotel

  • Traveling is a great life experience but it is also inevitably tiring and exhausting;
  • One thing everyone definitely remembers from their trips is a hotel bed – so fresh, fluffy, and comfy!
  • The good news is that it’s totally untroublesome to make your bed comfortable like a hotel. Below, you’ll find out the main steps to it.

No matter how awesome and mind-broadening traveling would be, it is still tiring- all the flights, sleepless nights, lots of walking, meeting different people, and so on… But no matter how exhausting it would be, the luxury hotel beds fix any issue! So fresh and crisp, so soft and white…like heaven! 

Anyway, although it’s impossible to travel as often as we’d like, it’s definitely possible to create a hotel-like sleep experience in your own bedroom! Why wait for another night in a hotel if you can sleep like in it every single night? 

Below, we will show you the simple basics of making your bed comfortable like a hotel.

Get a Comfortable Mattress

This is the step you should not underestimate. In fact, a good quality mattress should be your main investment if you want a hotel-like or simply comfortable sleep!

Make sure you analyze your mattress preferences carefully before you buy one (especially if you do that online) – would you prefer a memory foam mattress or an innerspring one? What about the softness? These are very important considerations you should make in order to improve the quality of your sleep. 

Get a Comfy Comforter

The comforter is a second-most-important thing for a hotel-like bedroom. Remember that soft, fluffy feeling when you cover yourself with a huge comforter in a hotel bed. It would be simply impossible to get the same feeling in your own bedroom without a nice high-quality comforter.

However, not all comforters are equal. Here you should also analyze your individual preferences. For example, if you tend to get cold during your sleep, you should look for a comforter with a heavier fill. On the contrary, for those who have night sweats, light fill would be the best option.

All-white Bedding is a Must

If you dream about hotel beds you probably have been at one or two of them. Therefore, you should definitely remember that most of the time hotel bedding is all-white. Maybe that’s what makes it so inviting? Who knows?

So, if you are so determined to create a hotel bedroom yourself – go for all-white bedding. Not only it will look super fresh and crisp, but white bedding is also not that difficult to maintain (thanks, bleach).

In case all-white bedding sounds like a too drastic change for you or you are simply not a fan of white color – add some nice colorful pillows on top of your bed! Pillows and shams are the fastest and easiest way to brighten up any interior design.

TIP: If you decide to go for all-white bedding, there’s a little piece of honest advice – don’t eat in the bed.

Good Old Pillows

After the base of your hotel-like bed is ready – the mattress is chosen, the comforter and white bedding are there – it’s time to liven up your room!

What could be better in this case if not the bunch of nice pillows? If you like more orderly-looking interiors – stick with more neutral colors, if you are rather a spontaneous person – get various sizes and colors pillows! 

Pillows are perfect for creating coziness and adding more comfort to your bedroom – just like in a nice hotel. 

Every Hotel Room Has a Nightstand

Have you ever been in a hotel room that wouldn’t have a nice little nightstand? Or even two of those? 

Although technically a nightstand has nothing to do with the quality of your sleep, the character it adds to the interior definitely creates a vibe of a hotel room.

Besides, a nightstand is a very convenient piece of furniture – you can put your stuff on it, keep your books, glasses, or a glass of water…you name it! Not only is it a great accessory for the room, but it also helps to keep your things more organized.

TIP: For a 5-star hotel room experience – always keep a small vase with freshly-cut flowers on your nightstand!

Here you go – now you know that making your bed comfortable like a hotel is a piece of cake. It only takes a little effort and time – like everything in this life! So, as you can see – if you can dream it – you can have it!

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Well, we cannot speak for all the hotels. However, they definitely should be! As hotel rooms are cleaned after every guest, they are clean and fresh.
As you already know - it's easy! It takes only some changes in your bedroom in order to create a bedroom like in a hotel.
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