How to Recycle Brita Filters

  • Brita filters are made for removing contaminants from your drinking water. It’s simple to use and affordable. Everyone can have an innovative and pretty water container with filters at home. 
  • Since Brita recommends changing water filters every two months, let’s learn in this article how to deal with filters that were already used. What are the tips that help you to recycle Brita filters? 
  • Recycling is caring for the green environment on our planet. These days, we pay more attention to our environment than ever. So recycle your Brita with TerraCycle, get rid of plastics and contaminants, and be part of this great movement.
  • In this article, we’re guiding you through the simple steps to recycle Brita filters and make the world a better place. So how to recycle Brita filters? Let’s tackle the issue down below.

Brita products water filter―what is it?

Let’s see what Brita filters are before we get to unraveling the water filters recycling process. 

Brita filters clean and sanitize drinking water. 

These water filters consist of plastics and activated carbon (a composite material). 

They are a simple tool for home use. 

Brita filters remove contaminants from your drinking water by passing water through an activated carbon chamber. A porous activated carbon captures potentially harmful inhabitants of the drinking water, like:

  • tiny organisms, and 
  • harmful contaminants;

Filters by Brita are friendly to the environment and reduce landfills waste.

Unlike Brita dispensers that can serve you for years, filters must be replaced every 2-3 months. 

It means that you will inevitably face the question: What do I do with used filters every quarter a year?

Is Brita filter easy to recycle?

Is recycling Brita filters a complicated process? 

A used water filter by Brita seems the most

  • useless, and 
  • unhandy 

thing to handle in terms of recycling. 

Yet, experts on the website have a free set of step-by-step ideas to un wrap. 

What is the best way of recycling this innocent-looking everyday-use gadget? 

Here’s a thing with Brita water filters:

They are made of a composite material (plastic and activated carbon), so we would assume their final destination is a general waste bin. Yet, the road that filters Brita have to take to keep our environment green is slightly different. 

Let’s have a look at how to recycle your Brita. 

Recycle your Brita

First off, water filters cannot be recycled as part of your house recycling routine. 

Neither are they suitable for a household waste recycling center.

Where can you recycle Brita filters then?

Search for stores such as:

  • Argos, 
  • Robert Dyas, and 
  • Homebase;

They will know precisely how to deal with your used Brita filter. 

Every label store has a place where you can drop your used cartridge filter for recycling. 

Important: If the filter you have is not by Brita’s but by another company specializing in filters, contact the provider by the website or phone for recycling tips. If they don’t accept it, old filters can be disposed of with regular rubbish or in the landfill container at household waste recycling centers. 

How to recycle Brita filters?―points to follow

The company believes that keeping Brita’s products away from landfills is their duty. 

That’s why TerraCycle helps to make the recycling process go smoothly. 

They recycle everything, from filters and pitchers to dispensers and bottles. 

Look at the paragraph below to discover how it works.

Cartridges that end up at Brita will be returned to their recycling plant. There, parts are going to be separated and processed for secondary use.

So, let’s take it step by step. Here’s what to do to make sure our world remains green: 

Save up 5 lbs. of used Brita water filter

It’s worth having a fair amount of filters to start. Keep your filters near plastics in your household to save energy of looking for them when the time comes. 

Allow filters to dry for 3 days

Put your Brita products out in the sun or just wait patiently. 

Make sure that these Brita filters are completely dry before you wrap them. Three days should be enough.

Toss filters into a plastic grocery bag

Grab and drop them in a random plastic grocery bag (the same you use for shopping purposes)

Box the whole recycle packaging up

Search for a box and prepare a packaging for shipping your Brita filters that need to be recycled. 

Sign in to the Brita account and ask for a label

Don’t worry; it’s all for free. Contact Brita’s website, and they will provide you with a prepaid shipping label. 

Sign in to Brita Program 

Everyone can join and help the planet. Participating is free, and rewards are waiting. 

Search for Recycling Program by Brita. You won’t have to search for it; it’s on the website menu.

Sign in to Brita Recycling Program and Brita Rewards Program to recycle Brita filters with benefits.  

You can earn rewards for helping the planet. It’s a double win, isn’t it?

What can you get in the Brita filter Recycling Program?

  • points redeemable for prizes,
  • exclusive coupons, and more;

Ship recyclables to the location indicated

It’s time for the shipping, so take your box and let’s deal with the process provided by TerraCycle.   

Receive your label 

Brita and TerraCycle representatives will email your label.

Now that you have it, you can proceed with the shipping and recycle Brita. 

Print the free shipping label and affix it to your box

Using the file resources that you received by mail, proceed to print a related shipping label.  

Bring your box to any UPS location

It’s the last phase of the Brita shipping effort. So take the box and bring it to the UPS company point near your location. 

Mail the box to TerraCycle 

As soon as your box with used Brita products is out, the rest is sorted out for you. 

We hope that this article was helpful to guide you with the news about Brita company products, recycled plastic, TerraCycle service, how to ship with UPS, and others. 

Check House Rituals every time there’s an issue is related to home-caring, or you’re just curious about it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s an in-fridge, pitcher (jug), or faucet (tap) filter, it’s most likely a carbon filter. In the case of Brita, it's a carbon filter for sure.
Most filters are made of plastic #5. Unfortunately, many recycling plants don’t accept them for recycling because they can't handle them. So they end up in landfills and stay there forever.
Brita runs a recycling program through TerraCycle. It's a recycling company specializing in recycling complex plastics (those that are hard to deal with). You can ship your old filter to TerraCycle for free at UPS near your place.
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