How to Style a Room with an Off-Center Window Behind Bed

  • The off-center window can be both a disadvantage and advantage of the bedroom interior design;
  • There are few options on how to take advantage of the off-center window or to hide it;
  • Below, you’ll find some super useful ideas on how to style a room with an off-center window behind the bed;

For most people, the window behind their bed is a disadvantage. There are a few reasons why: it can clock the daylight, you cannot enjoy the view from the window while lying in the bed, and if the window is small and off-centered – it can create a disbalance of the whole interior design of the room.

However, sometimes the situation as such is unavoidable, especially if you rent an apartment and cannot change anything too much. Still, there are even a few solutions to this situation:

  • Hide the window;
  • Style the room implementing the window into the interior design;
  • Take advantage of the window – make it a feature;

Now, consider what is your relationship with this off-center window and choose your way to deal with it!

Style the Window: Play with the Curtains

Now curtains can be both used to implement the window into the overall interior design and to hide it.

  • Hide the window. Use the curtains, draperies, or window covers and cover the entire wall. Choose an attractive color and pattern thick curtains that would go all the way from the ceiling to the floor (wall-length). Such curtains will add a nice and solid texture to the whole room and will hide the off-centered window. Also, if you want to show it – simply open the curtains whenever you want! Eliminate the problem with window covers. Get curtains or draperies and cover the entire wall.
  • Expose the window. Now if you have a pretty small window behind your bed that is not aligning properly with the bed and creates a disbalance to the whole interior design of your bedroom – you should try to style it with the right curtains. Simply use curtains to extend the size of the window – to widen it from all the sides. It is enough to use the curtains that are the length of your bed headboard or a little bit wider. Not only it will create an illusion of a wider window, but will also give a grounding to your headboard.

Take Advantage of the Off-Center Window

Hiding an off-center window is not always the best idea to deal with unwanted interior detail. Sometimes there is even a better idea- to take full advantage of it!

  • The window beside the bed. If you have a window that goes beside your bed – you are actually lucky! There are so many ways to make a feature of it. Consider creating a window seat on your windowsill – bring some comfy blankets with nice decorative pillows, hang some cozy lights all around the window frame, light some bohemian candles…whatever have you! This way you will create an additional seating spot in your bedroom without occupying any floor space. That is an especially good idea for the tiny bedrooms.
  • The window behind the bed. If your room has a window that goes behind your bed – it’s also not a bad thing at all! Take advantage of it by creating a nice storage place – you can use it as a bookshelf – put some stacks of books, candles, other souvenirs, pictures…Whatever you like! That is also a great idea if you struggle to find some additional space for your stuff.

TIP: When you have a window beside your bed – we would recommend choosing a metal or timber headboard that is more transparent and would not block the daylight.

Hide the Window: Downplay the It

Okay, so you hate that tiny off-center window that is disrupting the overall interior design of your bedroom. If that’s the case, you should consider hiding it.

  • Change the focus. This way would not actually hide your window but would force you to switch the attention from it to other things in your bedroom. The main idea is to fill the other parts of the room with nice furniture or items, for example – tall bookcase, big wallpaper, a nice outstanding couch that would attract attention. Fill in all the empty space on the other side of the room by creating a balance with that window. Believe me, a great piece of the art matching with some nice colorful pillows would attract more attraction to the eye than that one window!
  • Hide the window. Now, if the first option does not satisfy you, you should definitely hide that window once and for all! There are many easy and untroublesome ways to hide the off-center window using the thick curtains. You can choose to hide the whole wall with a wall-length solid color and thick curtains so that no light would come through it. Or, you can go for a lighter option and choose the sheer curtain and blinds in a similar color to your room walls. This way, the window, and the wall will merge creating a more balanced look. This option is especially useful if your walls are white or similar shades.

So, have we managed to convince you that there is no tragedy in having an off-center, random window in any part of your bedroom? There are plenty of simple ways to deal with it. It just really depends on how much you actually hate it!

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You can balance it with the artwork, wallpapers, tall wardrobes or bookcases - anything that downplays it or eliminate the focus from it! There are actually tons of different ways to balance an off-center window.
You can either implement it in your overall bedroom interior design, or learn how to hide it. There are many solutions for both cases.
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