How to Style a Room with an Off-Center Window Behind Bed

  • Is it a good idea to have an off-centered window behind a bed?—this and similar questions may pop into your mind if you have a space with an off-center window to arrange and a relatively large bed to fit inside.
  • The off-center window can be both a disadvantage and an advantage for the interior design—in this article, we share a few valuable hacks on how to sort out this interior design problem. 
  • Keep reading to learn how to style a room with an off-center window when it’s located behind bed. 

Off-center window—good or bad?

So is there a way to cherish off-center windows?

As a rule of thumb, to make sure your home has a pleasing look, you should try to align all the windows on a wall horizontally and vertically. If you arrange your windows evenly, it will create balance for the eye. 

Yet, there are times when there’s nothing you can do about off-center windows, especially if you rent an apartment and cannot transform it as you please to such a degree. 

According to Home Guides, the bed doesn’t have to be centered under the window. You can embrace asymmetrical windows as long as you achieve a visual balance with the surrounding furniture or artwork. 

In other words, your off-centered window can be the room’s most exciting feature!

On the other hand, the center window behind the bed gives you a sense of security, while an off-centered window is more fragile and, often, operable, which may cause some anxieties to the person who tries to rest in bed. 

What are the drawbacks of off-center windows?

  • they can clock the daylight, 
  • you can’t enjoy the view from the window while lying in bed, and 
  • if the windows are not only off-centered but also small, they can create an imbalance in the whole interior design of the space;

For some people, the window behind their bed is challenging to arrange in the room. Yet, there are a few ways to take advantage of the off-center window. 

Style your space by implementing the window into the interior design smartly. 

You can 

  • look for ways to balance the off-center window out or 
  • take advantage of it, making it the most exciting feature;

Otherwise, find solutions on how to hide it!

What if you decide to place a bed off-center, aligning it with the off-center window?

While choosing the placement of the bed, ensure that you can easily access it—suggests Home Edit

The perfect location in your space for a bed is against the center of the largest wall. 

Tip: If doors or windows don’t allow utilizing the most prominent wall, locate your bed against a wall or angle the headboard in the corner of the room.

How to style the window

Ready to discover some super helpful ideas on styling a room with an off-center window behind the bed? You can implement it skillfully in your overall bedroom interior design or learn how to hide it. 

Keep reading to learn how!

Hide it

Before we pass on to more creative ideas, let’s find out how to hide the window which doesn’t match your visual desires. 

It’s understandable that if your tiny off-center window disrupts your bedroom’s overall interior design feel, you should consider hiding it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • hide the whole wall with a wall-length solid color of paint and add thick fabric curtains that will do the trick—no light will come through it,
  • choose the sheer curtain and blinds in a similar color to your room walls; this way, the window and the wall will merge, creating a more balanced look. This option is beneficial, especially if your walls are white or similar lighter shades,
  • get curtains or drapery panels and cover the entire wall—the fabric is also an exciting opportunity to bring an attractive pattern and soft texture into the room; then, when you need the natural light, simply pull the curtains open and expose the window. 

Tip: When you expose the window, to trick the eye, don’t pull the curtains past the edges of the window—it will create the illusion that the window runs the length of the entire wall.

Change the focus

Force your visitors to switch their attention from this point of your interiors to decor accessories or exciting pieces of furniture in your bedroom. 

Fill the room with nice furniture or items that would attract attention, such as

  • tall bookcase,
  • fancy dresser,
  • fascinating picture, 
  • big wallpaper, or
  • an outstanding sofa;

When you fill in all the empty space on the other side of the room, you will create balance with the window. 

A brilliant piece of art matching colorful pillows will attract more attraction to the eye than one imperfect window!

Another trick is to center a long decorative ledge under the window. It can be a mirror about the same size as the window on the other side of the room. 

Need some inspiration? Research Google or hire experts from interior design services. 

Customize your space with the artwork, wallpapers, tall wardrobes, or bookcases—anything that downplays it or eliminates the focus from the off-center window.

Combine furniture and accessories to establish asymmetrical balance; hang an artwork, metal sculpture, or another wall above a short piece of furniture (a chair or a loveseat). This simple move will create visual balance to an off-center window.

Play with the curtains

How can you use curtain rods to enhance your space?

Try to center the window visually by centering the curtain rod on the wall so it only shows the center and left window panes with the same amount of drape on either side. This way, the right pane will be covered.

New curtains can be used to implement the window into the overall interior design and hide it.

We already mentioned that one good idea is to use the curtains, draperies, or window covers to cover the entire wall. 

An attractive color and pattern curtains should go all the way from the ceiling to the floor (wall-length). 

Such curtains will add a nice and solid texture to the whole room and efficiently hide the window. 

When you’re at your house and want to expose your window, simply open the curtains whenever needed.

Another method is to expose the window, using the curtains wisely. 

If you have a small window behind your bed that is not aligning correctly with the bed and creates an imbalance in the interior design of your bedroom, style it with suitable curtains. 

For example, you can use curtains to extend the size of one window—widen it from the sides. 

Use the curtains that are the length of your bed headboard or a bit wider. It will create an illusion of a wider window, but it will also give a grounding to your headboard.

Take advantage of it 

So far, we’ve been trying various methods to hide an off-center window.

Yet, it’s not always the best idea to deal with unwanted interior detail. 

Sometimes it’s even better to take full advantage of it!

If you have a window that goes beside your bed, you can, for instance, consider creating a window seat on your windowsill. 

Tip: Bring some comfy blankets with lovely decorative pillows, hang cozy lights all around the window frame, and light a couple of bohemian candles to create an extra seating spot in your bedroom. That idea is perfect, especially for tiny bedrooms.

Another way to treat your space is to take advantage of an imperfectly-placed window by creating an excellent storage place, a bookshelf with stacks of books, candles, souvenirs, or pictures.

You’ll not only deal with the issue but also find some extra space for your stuff.

Tip: If you have a window beside your bed, pick a metal or timber headboard that is more transparent and would not block the daylight.

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You can hang artwork, maps, or multiple different-sized frames with photos, use entertaining wallpaper, or install shelves filled with books or souvenirs.
It's good to place the window four or more feet above the ground to avoid blinding sunlight. Also, you can position the window, so it's facing north or south rather than east or west. Sunlight streaming through an east- or west-facing window can make it difficult for you to see, for example, the screen of your computer during the day.
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