How to Turn Coffee Table into Desk

  • At least once in a while, we all crave for some changes in our surroundings, such as our living space;
  • Whenever you feel like it, do not rush to the furniture store – instead, try to breathe new life into your old furniture that is no longer being used;
  • Below, you’ll find a great example of how to turn your coffee table into a desk in just a few hours, and without spending a bunch of money;

Spring is a wonderful season – the weather gets warmer, the sun shines brighter… All of nature awakens! Want it or not, some sort of powerful desire for changes appears in us that is so hard to resist! 

Suddenly, we no longer like the colors of our apartment, and that old furniture is not comfortable anymore… Time to get rid of old stuff and buy the new ones!

But wait… Not so fast! There are some more conscious, sustainable and nature-friendly ways to upgrade the interior of your house than spending hundreds of money on low-quality items. One of them – furniture reconstruction!

Why Rebuilding The Old Stuff Is Better Than Buying New One

  • Sustainability. Choosing to reconstruct your old furniture or the one you found at the second-hand shop is a sustainable and eco – friendly choice – the less we buy, the less crowded the planet with unnecessary stuff will be. Let our one and only Earth breathe freely! 
  • Uniqueness. Let’s be honest, that furniture from IKEA or DEPO does not stand out of the crowd… None of it fits your unique personality! So why not make yourself a unique and exceptional piece of furniture that no one else has?
  • Fun. Reconstruction of the furniture is not only an awesome way to re-decorate your house but also an extremely fun and entertaining activity! 
  • Health- friendly. You ask how come? Obviously, because this activity will save your time and patience that all this tiring shopping requires. Also, it could even work as a relaxing therapy – volume up your favorite music, put your comfy jumper on and spread your imagination out!

In this article, you will be introduced to one great example of how to turn your old coffee table into the writing desk for just a couple of bucks in no time!

What You Will Need

  • Second-hand coffee table or the one you no longer need;
  • 4 pre-cut pre-made longer table legs (also, look for them in the second-hand shop);
  • Jigsaw for cutting wooden parts (or any similar sawing instrument);
  • Drill and bits for attaching the legs;
  • 4 top plates of table legs;
  • Some paints of your choice;

How to Turn The Coffee Table Into The Desk


With the help of jigsaw, remove the short legs off the coffee table.


In this step, drill a hole in the center of each pre-made long leg that you’ll attach to the coffee table.


TIP: Drill the hole that is large enough so that the screw would fit into it.

After the holes are drilled in each leg – attach the small top plates in each corner at the bottom of your coffee table. 

FYI, the purpose of the top plate is to give the screw something to grab onto. It also firmly holds the leg in place. In other words, your new legs will have to screw into the top plates that are attached to each corner of your coffee table.


The most entertaining and funny step. Time to add some colors!

Now, it’s completely up to you if you want to re-paint all the desk entirely and change the color of it, or you simply want to match the color of the new legs with the old table color. Enjoy the process!

Tip: After painting the desk, let it dry up completely – unless you enjoyed the painting process so much that you want to repeat it.

Here you are – 1, 2, 3…and you are almost a professional carpenter! Maybe feeling a little tired physically, but totally relaxed psychologically. No contemplation regarding expenses, no grueling shopping, a lot of fun time together with your friends or family, and a boost of self-confidence seeing your amazing restoration project done! I don’t think you’ll ever want to buy another boring piece of furniture… Especially, when this re-decorating process can be used for just about any chair or table!

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. They can cost you hundreds or even thousands of money... However, we have just presented you with a fabulous alternative on how to create your own furniture without spending a lot of money!
We say that style is a very individual thing, therefore everything is in style if you like it and enjoy it!
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