How to Wash a Flokati Rug?

  • Flokati rugs are usually made of merino, camel, alpaca wool. They are long-haired, fluffy and have a fancy look.
  • Flokati rugs are known for high-quality, durability and comfort.
  • Depending on the size, flokati rugs can be washed by hands, in the washing machine or chemically by the professionals.

First of all, What Does Flokati Mean?

“Flokati” is the Greek word that means a fluffy, long-haired wool textile product. Flokati products are made of carefully selected and certified merino, camel, alpaca wool fabrics.  Rugs, rug pads, and carpets are very popular among the people because of the extremely high-quality, durability and, of course, the decorative look. Not only the“Flokati” shag rug creates the coziness but it is also a great and exquisite interior detail.

Okay, the nice part about the Flokati rugs is pretty much clear. Let’s move on to the more serious part – how to wash your flokati?

Don’t Worry About the Smell

Wool products, like many natural products, have a specific odor. Therefore, it is completely normal if your greek flokati rug has a smell. Unfortunately, most of the time it can be really challenging to get rid of it entirely. On the bright side, you should not worry about that because this smell actually says that your flokati is made of high-quality and pure wool. Therefore, before you get mad, try to ignore that scent!

Still cannot stand that exotic smell? Try to ventilate the rug in some dark, dry environment.

Important: avoid the direct sunlight!

However, sometimes the smell can be a really tough nut and only washing the flokati can suppress it. No worries, for your convenience there are some detailed washing instructions and cleaning tips provided below. Continue reading!

How to Wash Flokati?

Generally, you should keep in mind that it is not recommended to wash the wool products very frequently – sometimes it is enough to simply air dry it in the fresh air. Why? Because wool fibers naturally cleans itself by exuding the moisture. 

However, in case there are visible stains or other dirtiness, only air-drying will not do a trick. Time to wash it!

Before Washing the Rug – Remove the Stains

  • Vacuum clean the rug to remove any dry dirt from the carpet;
  • Remove the excess of the liquid from the wet stain using the tissue;
  • Try to remove the new and not very heavy stains using the cold water and rug cleaner.

TIP: While vacuum cleaning, turn off the rotating brush as it is not good for the long-haired flokati rugs.

Now, you can move to the washing process! Flokati rugs as any other wool products can be washed with cool water and mild detergents only.

Washing Machine

Let’s be realistic, if your rug is the size of your whole living room – you’ll probably not gonna squeeze it into the washing machine. However, smaller rug pads can surely be washed in the washing machine.

  • Select the gentle washing cycle. It would be best to follow the washing instructions provided on the label or to simply select the special program for wool.
  • Set the temperature not higher than 40 degrees. You don’t want your rug pad to shrink.
  • Use only liquid washing detergent with lanolin. It is much more difficult to rinse out the washing powder from the wool fibers. Also, lanolin is required because it restores the fat of the wool fibers.

Chemical or Dry Cleaning

This is the most popular and easiest way to clean your Flokati. You ask why? Well, first and foremost, it is the least likely that your fancy greek rug will be damaged in any way. Second, your rug will become fluffy and bright as new. Finally, this method will eliminate the specific smell of the woollike nothing! 

Wait, What Exactly Is Dry Cleaning?

  • This is cleaning with an organic solvent called perchloroethylene. 
  • No water is used in this cleaning process (that’s exactly why it is called “dry”).
  • Woolen products remain fluffy and in shape.

Ecological Cleaning

This is another type of dry cleaning meaning that you will have to seek the professional to do this job. FYI, this method is getting more and more popular. 

So, What Is Ecological Cleaning?

  • This is hydrocarbon cleaning. 
  • It is a very gentle and most importantly – environmentally friendly cleaning method.
  • It protects products that are cleaned.
  • After cleaning, the woolen rug is being brushed and restored using the lanolin (wool grease).

However, as this cleaning method is particularly gentle, it is not recommended for very dirty rugs that have a lot of old or heavy stains.

Hand Washing

It is a really rare thing that the flokati rugs would be recommended to hand-wash, especially the large ones. However, if you notice “Hand Wash Only” recommendation on the product label – remember a few things:

  • Woolen rugs should only be washed with cold or lukewarm (around 30 degrees) water and mild detergents.
  • Flokati rugs have to be washed and rinsed in the same temperature water. The changes in the water temperature might induce shrinking.
  • Always rinse the rug thoroughly after each washing.
  • After washing, hang the rug in the bathroom and leave it there for a couple of hours. Then, place it widely on the dryer rack and let it dry up completely. It would be even better if the laundry dryer rack would be placed outdoors.


  • Evaluate the situation before washing your flokati. When you notice some dirtiness on your rug, do not rush to dry-clean it. First, simply bring it outside, shake the rug and try to brush the dirtiness off using something similar to a garden rake. 
  • Rotate the rug. It is great advice especially if your rug is placed in a high-traffic location. Simply rotating it a few times a year will distribute the wear pattern. 
  • Brush your rug occasionally. This is the best way to keep your nice long-haired rug fluffy, soft and cushy.

All things considered, washing flokati rugs is easy – all you need to do is use mild detergent, cool water and set the right washing machine program. If you have a huge flokati rug, you are lucky because the only thing you have to do is to drop it off at any nearest dry-cleaning company! Finally, keep in mind, that wool is a natural and self-cleaning fabric, therefore there is no need to wash it very often – once or twice a year is enough. Furthermore, before washing – always try to remove the dirtiness with the vacuum cleaner first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Flokati rugs are one of the best quality rugs that are handwoven of natural wool in Greece. They are high-quality and exceptionally durable.
Technically - yes. However, if your flokati is enormously huge - I don't think it will squeeze into the washing machine. However, smaller flokati rug pads can be washed in the washing machine without any trouble. The most important thing to remember - follow the washing instructions provided on the label and set the washing program for wool.
Oh yes! Imagine stroking the fluffy and warm sheep or alpaca - it's more or less the same. However, in order to maintain that softness, you have to take care of your flokati appropriately.
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