How to Wrap Clothing Without a Box?

  • Packing clothes is easy. If you want to bundle a cute tiny dress as a gift for your niece or a shirt for a husband, you fold it nicely and put it inside the box. Done!  
  • But what if you don’t have boxes or prefer a more flexible option? Are there any tips to pack presents without a box? Having no boxes at hand and a pile of clothes left to gift wrap can become an issue if you’re not prepared.
  • In the article below, we will share a couple of simple methods to wrap clothing without a box.

What do you gain from personalised gift wrapping?

There are at least two reasons to go for a gift wrap with a personal touch instead of a readymade. 

  • Creative ideas for wrapping will make your friends and family even more impressed and satisfied with the gift they got from you. 
  • Adding a personal touch to the gifts is what wrapping was made for—work on preparing a wrapping that suits the recipient’s personality or the particular occasion.

Why is clothing so problematic to wrap? 

A well-wrapped piece of clothing is a work of art.

Why is it so hard to do then?

  • It’s soft,
  • slippery, and
  • it doesn’t have defined corners;

But we’re here to help, so keep reading. After this article, gift wrap will have no secrets to you.

Let’s get our hands-on experience.

How to wrap a piece of clothing without a box?

The three approaches below explain how to wrap clothing like a pro. In the article, you’ll find out that a box doesn’t give you even half of the creative pleasure that wrapping gifts do. Explore these awesome hacks as they can come in handy during holiday time or when there’s no shop around. Learn how to make fun gift wrappings for clothes with brown paper, old bags or a remaining newspaper. Just watch us!

1. Fold your wrapping paper up like an envelope

Eliminate messy side folds by creating an envelope. How to do it in a few simple steps?

1. Forming a rectangle or a square.

Start by folding the item of clothing into an elegant rectangle or a square.

A box appears to be unnecessary if you neatly fold a sweater or other piece of clothing and approach wrapping with style and professionalism.

This way, you can pack:

  • pants, 
  • dresses, 
  • skirts, 
  • shirt
  • scarves,
  • T-shirts,
  • other outfits that can be folded in a rectangle or a square;

2. Unroll, cover, and trim.

Unroll a wrapping paper on a hard surface with the printed side down. Place the folded piece of clothing in the centre—measure two fingers’ worth of space on both sides. The top flop should be long enough to fold halfway across and cover the item. Trim the remaining part with scissors.

3. Fold and secure with the tape.

Fold the bottom flap over the top flap and apply a strip on the inside edge with a double-stick or regular tape. Smooth the wrapping paper down. Secure the tape by pressing the patterned side of the paper with your fingers. The top and bottom of the wrapping paper are now sealed, but the right and left sides remain open.

4. Cut triangles at the corners.

Take your item and cut off a small right triangle of each of the four corners of the wrapping. The bottom point of this triangle should be positioned along the crease (which, in turn, should be aligned with the edge of the clothing). Both sides of the wrapping item are now made up of two layers of wrapping paper.

5. Cut off the bottom layer.

Use scissors to cut off the bottom layer following the crease. Apply double-sided tape (stick it to the inner, non-patterned edge of the remaining layer) and fold to seal. Now it should close like the flap of an envelope.

6. Repeat on the right side.

  • fold in the extra paper on the right side,
  • trim off the corners,
  • cut off the inner layer,
  • apply tape,
  • seal;

TIP: Using craft paper or tying the parcel with twine adds a fashionable rustic look.

2. Roll your clothing up with tissue paper

If you wish to create a candy-like gift with tied ends, follow the step-by-step guide below. You can also use brown paper for a shabby-chic look.

1. Roll your clothing tightly.

Do it on a flat, hard surface like a table or countertop free of grease or dirt (everything can stain the tissue paper). Fold your clothes into a long, skinny rectangle. 

Thin pieces of clothing will work best for this method of gift wrap; including:

  • thin scarves
  • t-shirts, 
  • thin jeans; 

2. Knot a piece of twine around the middle.  

Do it to secure the rolled-up clothing and keep it from unrolling during the wrapping process.

3. Put together sheets of paper.

Put together flat three sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. It’s the most exciting if they come in various colours. What about selecting colours that suit the occasion (like green and red for Christmas)? Or the recipient’s fav ones? Make the right choice here; it will pay off later. 

4. Centre your roll on the paper.

Take your rolled-up and tied outfit and centre it along the top edge of the tissue paper. Place it vertically so the shorter sides are at the top and bottom of your roll. Roll it up inside the tissue paper by grasping the top edge of the paper with your fingers. Leave only a few inches of tissue paper sticking out at the bottom.

5. Secure the item.

Fold up the bottom edge of the tissue paper and secure it with a strip of double-sided tape. Place it vertically across the top of the fold to secure it. Wrap the end piece of tissue paper up and around into the rest of the roll. The tape will secure the end piece in place.

6. Cinch ends and tie with ribbons.

Cinch both ends of the gift with fingers and tie them with about 30 cm long ribbons. A wire-edged ribbon is the best: fun, easy, and flexible to work on.

P.S. Just wait for other tips and hacks!

TIP: For a spectacular pro effect on your ribbon, fold it in half and cut a straight diagonal line starting from the wire end and slanting down towards the folded centre. Unfold to reveal a V-shaped edge. And voilà! This year’s Christmas will be like no other.

3. Use a gift bag

What’s the most carefree way to gift wrap your clothing presents without a box? There are so many unique ways to get your creative juices flowing that who needs a box anyway?

1. Fold the piece of clothing.

You can also roll it up and secure it with a piece of ribbon. Clothes just need to be firm enough to work on them.

You can wrap almost any clothing item for a present:

  • skirts,
  • pants, 
  • t-shirts, 
  • dresses, 
  • scarves; 

Before working on your wrapped present, remove price tags or cover up the price with a marker. It’s elegant not to reveal the price to the recipient. 

Tip: After you wrap a piece of clothing, search for a well-shaped ribbon or a bow. It will add a cute, festive look. You can also attach a gift tag (especially for Christmas). Tips and ideas regarding ribbons are also great with a box present.

2. Put together a couple of paper sheets.

On a flat surface lay three or four overlapping sheets of tissue paper. Each should have its left edge 5-7 cm to the right from the sheet below. Adjust the size of the paper to the size of your clothes. A tie won’t need a large paper sheet, so you can use half of it. 

3. Centre the clothing and pull corners in.

Centre the clothing item on the top sheet of tissue paper. Grab two opposite corners of the tissue paper and pull them up. Hold them together and pull the other two corners in.  

4. Place the item in the gift bag.

Chose a big bag, so the wrapped clothing gift is comfortable inside. 

Important: Don’t touch tissue paper too often; it becomes overused and wrinkly fast. Gift wrapping is also about being neat and precise.

Important: Pay attention to the colours you choose when you wrap gifts. A box doesn’t have so many possibilities. In gift wrapping, you can alternate colours to make your gift more appealing. Watch the video tutorial or look for hacks online. Colours have the power to influence the mood of a person that receives a present.

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It depends on the clothes. In general, keeping a shirt or skirt in a wardrobe and keeping it wrapped as a present will have the same effect on it.
There is no rule saying that one of the methods is more or less elegant. It all depends on how you perform the packing. Giving a lot of attention to wrapping a present will add a special chic, unattainable in other ways.
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