Loft Beds for Adults – Choose the Best for You

  • Exceptional situations call for exceptional decisions – when you have a little space but you want to sleep in the king-size bed – a full-size loft bed might be the best solution!
  • Although loft bed is usually associated with children’s furniture, we will show you how perfectly this furniture can work for adults.
  • In order to make the most of the loft bed, there are few things to consider to choose the best loft bed for adults: the height and weight of a person who will sleep in it, the material of the lofted bed, and the type of it.

First things first – let’s make it clear what furniture is called a loft bed.

So, the loft bed is like a bunk bed without a bottom bed. It’s made of different sizes and from different materials. Most commonly, full-size loft beds are made for children’s room as it looks playful and saves the room space considerably.

Nonetheless, there is a noticeably growing popularity of lofted beds between the adults. You can see the lofted bed in modern apartments, especially the ones that are located in the city center. As such apartments are not that spacious, built-in loft beds are a super compact choice.

A loft bed is great space-saving furniture. First of all, it saves the floor space as this bed is elevated above it. Therefore, there is plenty of space left under the elevated bed. You can either leave that space empty or use it as additional storage, create a working area, or a space for the chill – that totally depends on your creativity and preferences!

Still, in order to find the best loft bed for adults, you gotta do some preparation work so that you would feel comfortable sleeping in it and would not feel like in a children’s playhouse.

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Height and Weight

First of all, in order to choose the right length and size lofted bed, you need to measure your own height – both while sitting and while standing.

  • Measure your full height. Knowing your full height will help you to choose the right length of the bed frame and the right size mattress. Add up to 5 more centimeters to your height when choosing the length of the bed frame and the mattress in order to feel comfortable while sleeping (you don’t want half of your legs hanging out of your bed).
  • Measure your height while sitting. This is a very important step because you need to leave enough space between the top of the mattress and the ceilings. Otherwise, your head might get hurt every time you get out of your bed.
  • Measure your weight. And be honest! Because dishonesty in this situation could actually have painful consequences (you don’t want your loft bed to break right after you get on it). Also, this step will help you decide what material your loft bed should be made of. – the higher weight – the sturdier material bed will have to be.

Loft Bed Material

Now that you know that you made all the measures, you know what size, weight capacity, and material bed you should look for. As always – the higher quality and durability material – the better! Loft beds made of high-quality materials are definitely worth an investment.

  • Wood. A wooden loft bed is probably the most popular choice. There is a great assortment of colors, therefore it’s super easy to complement the bed into any interior design. You can choose a more natural wood color to create a more traditional look, or you can go a totally different way and choose the color that would stand out from the overall interior design. Not only a wooden loft bed looks nice and cozy – if the wood is high quality and reliable – a wooden loft bed will be sturdy, stable, and very durable.
  • Metal. Loft bed made of metal is also sturdy and durable, although it might not seem like it because of its design. Metal loft bed, unlike the wooden one, usually looks much thinner, therefore it is perfect for the very small space. Such a bed looks modern and clean and makes the room seem even more spacious. On the other hand, the variety of colors is much poorer – usually, there is only a black or gray option. Still, if you prefer a more minimalistic and simplistic design – a metal loft bed would be your perfect choice!

TIP: Since the various scratches tend to appear more frequently on the metal surfaces than on the wooden ones – make sure your loft bed is coated with rust and chipping-resistant powder.

Get the Most of the Space Under your Loft Bed

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Once you decide what type of lofted bed you’d like to get – it’s time to think what you’re gonna do with plenty of space under the loft bed. If you think that there’s gonna be only a very small space left – you can leave it empty and enjoy a more spacious room in general. On the other hand, we’ll introduce you to some really great ideas about using the space under the loft bed in the smartest possible ways.

  • Minimal furnishing. If you’d like to make your room more spacious, you can leave the space under the loft bed completely empty, or simply upgrade it with some bean bags, chairs or cushions so that you could simply chill in here, read a book or relax.
  • Working area. If you’ve been struggling to find some free space for your desk – the space under the loft bed is an amazing place! Not only you’ll save up space, but also it will be super comfortable to have a calm spot where you could focus right under your lofted bed. You could put there a working desk with some built-in drawers, a chair and even some shelves for the papers or books so that everything would look organized.
  • Wardrobe or dresser. This way of using the space under the loft bed is recommended for those who always struggle to find someplace for their clothes or shoes, or maybe bed linens and robes. Simply place a nice wardrobe or small cabinet under the bed, preferably – the one that would have many drawers. You can also adjust some clothes rack on the wall.In other words – create a walk-in closet under your own loft bed.
  • Additional storage. Do you usually find it hard to find the place for most of the household stuff? What if you create a little under-the-loft storage? Depending on your creativity and your needs – you can adjust some upper shelves on the wall, then, put a cupboard with many drawers or any other type of closet. Make that space a nice, functional, and super organized little storage under the bed! Not only the room will look very well-organize, but also all the items will be just by hand.

So, did we manage to break the myth that loft beds are only for children? Now you know that a full-size loft bed is a great piece of furniture for grown-ups. It is modern, very functional, and perfect for a small space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have just broken the worldwide myth of loft bed being a piece of furniture ONLY for kids. The lofted beds are actually great BOTH for kids and for adults. It' just a matter of design, size, and material of your bed.
Like any other furniture, loft beds can be safe or not, depending on how you install and use them. If your loft bed is set high above the ground, ensure it has stairs or a ladder to climb up comfortably. Pay attention to the bed railings—they are essential for your safety while you sleep.
A loft bed is actually the best choice if you live in a tiny apartment and want to sleep in a full-size bed! In the article above we have explained how great and space-saving piece of furniture the loft bed is.
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