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How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

After discovering these tips to upgrade your air mattress – you’ll never want to get back to your bed!

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How to Dye Sheets

You will be surprised how fun is the process of dyeing the sheets,

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How to Hide Laundry Hampers

Find a perfect place to store the dirty laundry in any size bathroom.

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Do Linen Bread Bags Work?

Love the Earth. Make a positive impact. Forget plastic bags.


Decorating, Home Ideas

How to Turn Coffee Table Into Desk?

Don’t throw away the furniture you no longer use – re-create it!


How to Wash a Flokati Rug?

Take care of your fancy Flokati rug and enjoy it many years further.


Linen vs Cotton Sheets – Which One is Better For Good Sleep?

Stuck between the two choices – linen or cotton sheets? This article may help you to make a decision.

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How to Soften Linen Sheets

Learn how to soften the linen sheets manually in a few uncomplicated ways.

Bedroom, Housekeeping

How To Wash Linen Sheets

All in one place: how to wash, dry, iron and store the linen sheets.

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How to Clean Mattress Stains

Preserve the quality of your sleep – take a good care of your bed mattress.