Top 5 White Linen Dresses for Summer

  • Why is linen so perfect to wear in the summer? This fabric is lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent, which makes it a dream material for hot summer days. 
  • But woven cloth will also do an excellent job as material for fall and spring garments. Linen works as a natural insulator, retaining your body’s heat and keeping you warm.
  • White linen dresses are the most comfortable and best suited for the summer. So keep reading to discover our five lovely picks for the upcoming season.

Linen summer dresses

Linen fabrics top all the lists of the most suitable summer fabric. This flax-derived material is lightweight, airy, and natural. 

Linen’s unique quality is that it pulls away from sweaty skin instead of sticking to it. Trust us; you will never stop wearing linen summer apparel once you try it on. 

Another tip to make your summer unforgettable is to get yourself a charming summer dress!

Whether you’re strolling through the burning-hot city center, attending cocktail parties, or simply spending a casual day at the beach, there is a dress for every occasion. 

Join these two tips together, and you’ll get the best summer option in the clothing department—a linen dress.

Tip: White reflects light, and black absorbs it, so it’s always better to wear light-colored clothing when it’s hot outside. Avoid dark colors if you don’t want to burn yourself alive during the hottest time of day.

5 Top white linen dress picks

Here are five stylish, affordable must-have linen dresses for this summer. 

Important: Since a white dress is the best choice for the summer season, we picked only clothes in this color (or the lack of color, as art experts like to underline).

Aerie Linen Corset Dress

The first gorgeous and, at the same time, a simple mini dress made of linen is Aerie Linen Corset Dress.

You won’t believe that this neat, versatile dress that can be worn both with a pair of sandals or sneakers costs only $23.

The fabric of this mini dress consists of 55% linen and 45% viscose. 

Not only is its length flattering, but the straps are adjustable—you will have no problem making this dress fit your silhouette ideally. 

Once you get this trendy, soft, and affordable dress, you’ll wear it all season long. Check it out on AE

The Drop Basic

The second of our favorite linen dresses is a practical option designed to put over swimwear and look elegant effortlessly. 

This Basic model by The Drop comes in various sizes, from XXS to 5LX Plus, so nothing could stop you from buying it, at least when it comes to the size. 

Long ruffled sleeves may initially seem unsuitable for the summer, but remember that linen can handle the heat really well. Besides, cocktail parties take place in the evening when it’s not so smokin’ hot anymore (yet, you’ll still look smokin’ hot). 

$40 is an affordable price for such a pleasure. These linen dresses are soft and designed for maximum comfort.

With its exterior made in 100% of linen and functional welt pockets of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this linen midi dress will become your best friend for the entire summer. 

So put on your strappy sandals and get out there to shine bright like a diamond!

You’ll find this neat and pretty white linen dress on Amazon

Oysho Strappy

Best linen dresses, part three. 

After a linen midi dress and mini dress, it’s time to get familiar with at least one maxi dress—you owe your wardrobe a bit of adventure and variety. 

This time, it’s a $64 light and breathable Oysho proposition made of 51% linen and 49% viscose.

You can wear this outfit to the walk along the beach and be classy yet casual, or add discreet jewelry to your neck or ears and enter a night party with glamor and style. 

Women dressed in any neutral linen dress model can always add cute accessories to update their outfit and match it with trends.

Other colors of Oysho’s Strappy are available, such as green and red.

Check out this cute linen dress on Zalando

Urban Renewal Eco Linen Seamed Midi Dress

If you love being chic without much effort, here’s what you can do. 

Pick the Eco Linen Seamed Midi Dress by Urban Renewal and add a belt to spice it up with a stylish boho trend. 

Urban Renewal is the eco-conscious house brand from Urban Outfitters. 

This eco-chic linen dress costs $79.00—a bit more than previous models, but it pays off. 

These linen pieces in your summer wardrobe are composed of 55% linen and 45% eco vera.

The best thing about this flowy midi dress linen blend is that it has customers in an array of body shapes. This model just beautifully matches every silhouette out there. 

Check it out on Refinery29


A pair of flutter sleeves with a linen dress has never hurt anyone. 

Hot days are coming, and tiered dress or flutter sleeves start to make sense. Their ephemeral style has a decorative role while not resulting in a heavy appearance or, worse, in being heavy to wear. 

Here’s your go-to mini dress designed to make peace with sunny days. 

Shop on Etsy for $112.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, linen isn't among the most affordable fabrics. What's more, this flax-based textile is crinkly and gets wrinkled quickly. On the bright side, nowadays it's less of a problem than it used to be. Moreover, wearing linen garments just as they are, instead of obsessing over their perfection and ironing them continuously, makes them easier to handle and transforms the entire experience into a more positive one. Finally, linen can be rough to the touch, especially initially. Luckily, it tends to become softer overtime with washing.
If your linen garment isn't white, when you're first washing it, remember that colored linen can bleed. Wash it separately the first couple of times and add 1dl of natural vinegar for effective color maintenance. Next, throw your linen dresses into a washer at a low temperature (maximum 40°C). Don't put linen items in the dryer. Instead, let them hang to dry in a shadow to prevent shrinkage and discoloration.
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