Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Bedding

  • As attention to ecological problems has significantly increased, organic products become more and more relevant among the people;
  • Even if it doesn’t seem so – there are many differences between organic products and non-organic ones – the growing process, the harvesting methods and producing techniques;
  • Organic cotton bedding is not only higher-quality and health-friendly – it is also very comfortable and good-looking!

People these days become more and more aware of the world’s ecological situation. If some time ago we cared about the quantity of the items we have more than the quality of them, right now we pay attention to the quality more than ever before. 

The type of bedding we use in our bedroom is one of the things we pay more attention to, too! Times have changed and the appearance of it is not the most important factor. Thanks to the various ecological movements, the quality of the bedding sheets we purchase has much more significance. 

The wide variety of bedding sets range from very cheap to very expensive ones depending on he material they are made of. In this case, let me assure you – organic sheets are totally worth the higher price. And that’s exactly what prove to you in this article!

What Do We Call Organic Products

First things first, how organic products are different?

  • Organic production has special certification. Organic products are made from GOTS- certified organic substances. That means that manufacturers who produce certain organic products, such as sustainable bed sheets, have to follow very strict rules approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and comply with the highest standards in order to produce the highest quality products.
  • Different production processes. The organic plants, such as cotton, linen, bamboo… are grown, collected, and processed differently than conventionally grown ones.
  • More efficient and health-friendly farming. Organic grains are grown without using any toxic pesticides and using significantly less water. Also, no harsh chemicals are used when producing organic products.
  • Organic bedding = ethical bedding because of how it is manufactured. Such a way is not only sustainable and eco-friendly, but also promotes a healthy working environment for the manufacturers.

Why Choose Organic Bedding

So, you already know how organic products are different from the ones that are sprayed with pesticides and later mixed with synthetic materials.

Now, it’s time to look into their actual benefits! We’ll take COTTON as an example, and will explain to you why organic cotton bedding is better for your sleep than the one made from conventional cotton.

Organic Bedding is Nature-Friendly

Cotton growing negatively impacts a lot of large-scale ecosystems. It has already damaged the dominant ecosystems in Pakistan, Australia, Central Asia, and similar.

Cotton crops are grown in huge farms and use a lot of water. Knowing the fact that the freshwater resources in some countries are becoming a privilege, such high water consumption for cotton farming causes an enormous danger to the residents of the areas where those farms are built.

Another large-scale issue of conventionally grown cotton is pesticides.

Cotton farms are sprayed with various toxic chemicals in order to promote growth and prevent crops from various diseases. Harsh chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides soak into the ground and seep into the fresh water. Later, that water comes as drinking water to the people’s homes, therefore, there is a huge risk to their health. Not to mention the fact, how the soil and the air are being poisoned by such pesticides.

Now, that’s exactly where the organic cotton stands out!

  • Organic cotton farmers try to reduce their water consumption by no less than 30%.
  • Organic farms expose 60% less carbon dioxide than conventional cotton farms.
  • Organic cotton farming does not use any pesticides, therefore employees that work in such farms do not risk their health. Moreover, because of that the soil, water and air are not being damaged.
  • Organic farms have 88% lower water consumption, and 62% lower energy consumption, compared to conventional cotton farms.
  • Organic cotton bedding is exceptionally durable and bio-degradable. Very often people recycle old bed sheets and towels that are no longer useful or old. Therefore, choosing organic cotton products is also a sustainable approach.

Organic Products are Health-Friendly

As conventionally grown cotton is sprayed with harsh chemicals it has some considerable disadvantages:

  • Additives in the conventional cotton, such as pesticides, heavy metals, bleach, dyes – can cause various allergies, skin itchiness, respiratory diseases, and other health issues.
  • As a result, such cotton is not suitable for allergic people, not to mention the babies and children in general. Honestly, for some people, it can be even dangerous to sleep in bedding made of such cotton.

On the contrary, organic cotton is handpicked without using any chemicals, machinery or defoliants that could be harmful to your health, therefore organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic and completely safe to sleep in for all the people – even those with allergies.

Organic Sheets are Comfortable

If the fact that organic cotton sheets are nature and health-friendly is not convincing enough to you – perhaps the thing that they are also very comfortable will be?

  • Organic cotton linens feel so good to the skin. That’s a fact! The way the organic cotton is manufactured and the thing that it does not contain any harsh chemicals make the organic cotton sheets so naturally soft and comfy that you can instantly feel how they are different from the synthetic materials.
  • Organic cotton covers are very breathable. And that’s why it is a perfect choice for hot and dry summer nights! Natural cotton duvet covers keep you cool and wick the moisture away while you sleep no matter how hot is the room temperature. Thanks to the cotton fibers – such sheets also perfectly isolate the temperature and keep you warm when it’s cold outside.
  • Organic cotton has a neutral smell. Unlike synthetic materials, organic cotton bedding does not have any specific or annoying smell. Therefore it highly contributes to the even better sleep experience.

Organic Bedding is Higher Quality

The last cherry on top when talking about organic bedding is an exceptional quality of it!

  • Organic cotton crops are handpicked while conventional cotton crops are collected by the harvesting machine. This is a huge difference because the harvesting machine mixes the seeds and oil of the crop together, and those parts later have to be separated using harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, while picking by hand, crops are already cleaner, therefore the hot water and vegetable soap are enough to clean them entirely.
  • Pesticides and chemicals used in standard cotton production make the sheets less durable and resistant, therefore they are not sustainable. On the contrary, because an organic cotton is handpicked – organic fibers are naturally soft and maintain a much strong fiber. That’s why it’s much more durable!
  • Organic sheets do not contain toxic chemicals and are made of a pure substance, therefore they are stronger and last much longer. So, think again – do you really save money buying non-organic bedding in the long run?

So, how about now? Does it make at least more sense why is it better to choose organic bedding instead of traditional (synthetic) one?

The truth is that sometimes the lower price naturally makes up our decision and we automatically go for a cheaper choice without giving second thoughts. But now you know that the difference between organic cotton and conventional one is pretty considerable.

Not only organic cotton is eco-friendly, but it is also healthier, much more comfortable and higher quality than conventional cotton sheets. Our recommendation? Invest in the quality of your sleep!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course not. You have the freedom to choose any bedding set you want. However, if you have any allergies or respiratory diseases - I'd dare to say that it is necessary for you to change your regular cotton bedding to an organic one.
It is important to your health, well-being, and Earth in general. Considering the fact that organic cotton farms use much less water and energy, and do not contain lots of harsh chemicals - it is an important thing to consider to have in your own bedroom.
Totally worth it! If that's your only doubt - then don't think about it any more minute and go for it. Even though organic bedding is more expensive - it is much more durable and long-lasting than the synthetical one, therefore, in the long run - the price is not that different.
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