What to Do When You Are Bored at Home

  • Boredom strikes quickly and unexpectedly, therefore you have to be prepared for it.
  • Free time is a perfect opportunity to take care of yourself, relax, clean up or discover something new.
  • Below there are 10 super interesting, entertaining and funny ideas on how to get the most from your free hours and not to die from the boredom.

It seems that people do not have time for anything nowadays – proper breakfast or lunch, outside walking, finishing up some old project…Everyone is in a mad rush – running without paying attention to the outside world. 

However, there are still moments, such as Sunday evenings or holidays, when you sit at home struggling to decide what to do with those few spare hours of your time. Don’t panic! There’re plenty of funny and enjoyable things you can do. 

I know, sometimes it’s hard to turn on your imagination and find out what you want. No worries – we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll discover a wide variety of ideas what to do when the boredom strikes. Try one after another, or pick the ones that fit your mood best!


Although it doesn’t sound like an enjoyable leisure activity, believe me – it is great therapy! Turn on your favorite playlist or a podcast, roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up your living space. 

Depending on the level of the mess, you can only organize the linen closet or some drawers where the items get lost magically after you put them there. Or, go and finally scrub the bathroom or kitchen that has been on your to-do list for a couple of months now.

How does that work as a therapy, you’ll ask? The science proves that the monotony of the cleaning process helps to reduce stress, get rid of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, and redirects your thoughts in general. It’s like a reset of your mind!


Sounds very cheesy, right? However, try it before you judge it! Of course, if you are not a reader, do not pick the encyclopedia or some kind of history genre book. Try some novel or an intriguing detective. For the recommendations, you can always Google or get some advice from friends.


Remember when someone told you about this very exciting, must-see movie or tv show? Or that movie that was nominated for multiple awards but you still haven’t had a chance to see it? There’s no better time to watch it. 

TIP: Be careful with the binge-worthy TV shows because a few spare hours of your time might not be enough.


No, it’s not the same as the #1 idea. Organizing the wardrobe requires much more time and attention. To be honest, it is even more exciting! 

Get rid of the old clothes you didn’t wear for more than 1 year and find a place to donate them. Karma points – guaranteed.

Once you have considerably more space in your closet, fold each item nicely and place them back on the shelves. 

Wanna go the extra mile? Sort your clothes out by colors! Not only your spare time will be spent productively but also the view you’ll see each time you open the doors of the wardrobe will be FAN-TAS-TIC.

TIP: Music or favorite podcast is also a must in this step.


Manicure, pedicure, face and hair masks, hot bubble bath…you name it! Sacrifice those few hours for the self-care – your body and mind will be grateful for this. 

By the way, try to google some homemade masks and mixtures to make the whole process even funnier!


Now you have a few options.

If you already have the gym membership, blow the dust off it, jump into your trainers and go on that treadmill!

Not a gym fan? Not a problem. Roll out the yoga mat that has been laying at the back of your closet for ages. Do some stretches, bends or find any kind of 10-20 minute workout on the sports app.

Not into sports at all? Then, simply sit on the yoga mat and meditate!

Either way, exercising will reduce your stress levels and will boost your energy. 


Remember that annoying reminder that keeps popping out on your computer or mobile phone screen – low storage levels, not enough memory space… Get rid of it once and for all! 

Clean up the gallery: delete all the screenshots and unnecessary pictures and transfer everything else to the Cloud to free up the memory space of your device considerably.

Sort out the documents and similar files by creating new folders with clear names (not like “lakdjfskdakdh”)

As for the social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…) – unfollow the people that keep spamming your newsfeed or simply annoy you. Leave the groups/channels you were added by accident. Set up your newsfeed in a functional way: Google what are the pages or individuals that share the valuable content and follow them – this way scrolling Facebook will not be just a waste of time. 


When was the last time you had a quality conversation with an old friend or a relative that would last longer than 5 minutes? Nobody’s blaming you. We all get caught up in that rush. However, those spare hours when you are dying from boredom could be a perfect time to catch up with your beloved ones!

Get comfy on the couch, make some hot beverage for yourself and reward a person you miss a lot with a nice phone call!


Not looking for a job? Doesn’t matter. Regardless of what we do in our lives, we keep learning new things all the time. Whether it is some kind of online courses you finished recently, a new language, or simply a conference you participated in – everything counts when it comes to your self-development process. So, open up your old resume and upgrade it to a new level. The sooner you do that, the fewer accomplishments will fall into oblivion.



Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences in life. Agree? If yes, planning the next trip will be a perfect way for you to kill the boredom and boost the mood!

If you already have a destination in mind – search the flight tickets websites, check accommodation prices, google some information about traveling in that particular location, browse some travelers’ blogs to get some advice from the people who already been there. Last and most importantly, check your work/study schedule to plan the exact date for your getaway!

So, how about now? Still, have nothing to do? I don’t think so! You now have 10 different ideas on how to spend your spare time effectively, funny and with a lot of joy. I bet you can’t wait for your next day off to come. Enjoy your free time to the fullest – there is no guilt in that!

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