What to Do With Old Sheets – 9 Useful Hacks

  • At some point in our lives we notice that our favourite old bedding set looks dull and boring.
  • However, throwing old sheets away shouldn’t be the first thing in your head because there are many ways to repurpose them.
  • Below you’ll find at least 9 useful hacks how to reuse your old sheets that will actually save you a lot of money.

Want it or not, within years, even the best and highest quality bed sheets lose their color and initial form. However, instead of throwing everything away straight to the container – make sure you have carefully thought about all the great ways to reuse them! You’ll be surprised by the number of different ways to use old bed sheets.

Make a Reusable Shopping Bag

Since environmental issues are one of the most sensitive topics in the XXIst century, and eco-living has become a great tendency – this way of reusing old sheets makes very much sense!

  • If you have a load of old bedsheets and you haven’t gotten rid of the plastic bags yet – it’s your perfect chance to make that change! 
  • Bed sheets are usually made of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, etc. Therefore, they could be used to make perfect disposable bags!
  • Use the old sheets with neutral colors, or on the contrary – the ones that are colorful and make yourself an ecological and original grocery bag! (Make one for your family member or a friend as well)
  • Also, you can craft yourself some nature-friendly bags special for fruits and vegetables, and the little ones – for seasonings, herbs or tea
  • Lastly, if you have a mountain of plastic bags and do not want to simply throw them away – at least organize them comfortably. Make yourself a nice reusable bag to store all your little plastic bags in one place.

TIP: For even more fashionable look, use the dye markers or stickers for fabrics to decorate your reusable bags.

Transform Old Sheets into the Cleaning Rags

Another very practical alternative to using old bedsheets is transforming them into the cleaning rags!

  • Since sateen or linen bed sheets would not work as good cleaning rags, cotton or even bamboo sheets are simply perfect for that!
  • People say that most of the time old sheets clean even better than the special cloth – they absorb dirt more effectively and protect the surfaces from attracting the dust for a longer time. 
  • Cleaning rags form cotton bed sheets are perfect both for ceramic tiles and for wooden floors. Also, for various surfaces, such as metal or plastic.

Craft yourself a Sleeping Bag

Why spend money on expensive stuff, when you can make them yourself without spending a dollar? Funny as it may sound, turning your old bed sheets into the sleeping bags is another great but unfortunately forgotten idea!

  • Simply fold an old sheet into half and sew the sides. (Of course, don’t forget to leave one side open to squeeze yourself into it)
  • This super useful item will perfectly work when going camping – it’s easy to store and it does not occupy a lot of space.
  • The best thing is that there are hundreds of short videos online explaining how to make this DIY sleeping bag in just a few minutes.

DIY – Shower Curtains

With just little supplies and efforts you can easily craft yourself shower curtains from your old duvet cover or a bedsheet!

  • You’ll need scissors, an old sheet, sewing machine, and iron.
  • MEASURE your shower curtain and cut a piece of sheet adding a little for hems. Usually, standard dimensions are 70’’ by 70’’.
  • To make a BOTTOM HEMFOLD the bottom edge up to 4’’ and IRON it. After that – STITCH the hem thoroughly.
  • To make a TOP HEMFOLD over the top edge of 1,5′‘ and IRON it. Again – STITCH all over the hem.
  • Then – make the SIDE HEMSFOLD each side over 1” and IRON. STITCH thoroughly along the hem close to the edge.
  • MARK the spots for the shower curtain RINGS HOLES.
  • SEW BUTTONHOLES on the marked spots using a sewing machine and CUT the HOLES with a seam ripper afterward.
  • FINALLY, INSERT the RINGS in the buttonholes and HANG your brand-new shower curtain!

If you’d like a more detailed and specific step-by-step tutorial – be sure there are plenty of them online!

Another DIY project – an Apron

There is also a bunch of various online tutorials showing how to use an old sheet to sew an apron.

  • The only things you’ll need are a threat, scissors, and a needle!
  • You can decorate it as much as you want, and make it as long/short as you want.
  • Make as many aprons as you want and never worry about them getting dirty!

TIP: Don’t forget to make a secret pocket which would fit both spoons and candies (or even your mobile phone)

Old Sheets – Perfect for Picnics

If you are also one of those people who would rather reuse the stuff than buy a new one – you’ll definitely love this idea.

  • Old bed sheets are great picnic blankets! The best thing is that you don’t even have to do anything else but simply repurpose them.
  • Such blankets are cool because they are very nice and soft to your skin. Also, they absorb the moisture of your body very well (imagine the hot summer day on the beach).
  • Lastly, you don’t have to worry about ruining or damaging them – you can always throw them away and replace them with another old sheet. No more unnecessary waste of money!

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Items for pets cost a lot of money. Seriously, sometimes it’s not so much difference between owning a dog and growing a child. That’s exactly why you should think smarter!

  • Don’t throw away old sheets. You’ve been sleeping in them for years, therefore your pets would be happy to sleep in them too.
  • Use an old bed sheet to make a nice and comfy bed for your dog or cat.
  • Cover the part of your bed or sofa where your pet likes to take a nap (even if you don’t let him to), and at least protect it from hair and other dirt.
  • Use a piece of old sheet to clean the dirty dog paws and simply throw it away afterward.
  • Cover the trunk of your car with a large piece of the old sheet if you like to take your dog with you when traveling – it will save a lot of your energy when the time to vacuum clean your car will come.

Create a Home Cinema Theatre

How fun is that? And would cost almost nothing! However, make sure you have:

  • Old WHITE sheet WITHOUT holes;
  • A projector;
  • Enough space to hang your sheet somewhere hanging down.

That’s it! Grab some chairs or a couch, pop some popcorns and enjoy free cinema theatre!

Use the Old Sheet for Gardening Purposes

Why spend money on expensive plastic tarp if you have some organic coverings for plants right at your home?

  • Did you know that covering your plants with plastic is even worse than no covering at all? It’s because plastic holds moisture and can make your plants freeze much faster
  • A much better alternative to protect your plants from weather damage is making a cotton bed – just like your grandma used to do so a long time ago!
  • Cover your plants with an old cotton sheet in the fall or spring and do not worry that they will freeze.

So, how about now? Do you still think that your old bed sheets are worthless? Next time you are about to throw them away – think about these 9 useful life hacks on how to reuse them and reconsider your decision. OK, if you really think that none of these 9 ways would work in your case – donate them! I’m sure there is always a way better way to get an advantage of your old beddings than to simply throw them away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can! Actually, that is the best thing you can do with them instead of throwing away. Use it for DIY projects, such as to craft yourself a reusable bag or an apron. Use an old sheet as a picnic blanket, or make some cleaning rags out of it - the possibilities are endless.
You should not throw away your bed sheets unless they are completely useless (e.g. thorn, with a lot of holes,ver dirty, etc.)
Browse the internet and look for the local charities or second-hand shops, or find some place to donate them. There are plenty of them!
If you really love your bed sheets but the bright colour of them just faded away - try to dye them with special fabric dyes. The process is super easy! Look for online step-by-step tutorials, or check the article in this website named How to Dye Sheets.
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