Whiten Clothes Without Bleach

  • The white color never gets out of fashion. However, in the long run, white clothes tend to turn greyish or yellowish.
  • The simplest way to whiten clothes is by using bleach. However, it is not the best choice as this chemical can damage your clothes irreparably.
  • Some of the most popular natural products used to whiten clothes are lemon juice, white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, and even the sun. 

There are so many reasons to love white color – it creates a sense of freshness, brightness, and tidiness, it is easy to match with other colors and you can wear it in any season! However, we still avoid buying whites because of the exceptional care we think they will require. It’s such a pity! Because there are multiple super easy and natural ways to whiten clothes using the products found at any home. 

Although we all know this magic whitening solution called bleach, we should rather avoid using it because this super harsh chemical is not good for your health and can damage your clothes beyond retrieve.   

Method # 1: Lemon Juice

You probably already know that lemon juice is a great cleaning detergent. Nevertheless, it can also give an instant whitening effect to your old white clothes.

  • Pour one cup of lemon juice into the 2 liters of hot water and stir it gently.
  • Soak the clothes into the solution and leave it to rest for a couple of hours.
  • Wash your clothes in a washing machine as usual. Done!

Important: pour the remaining water with lemon juice into the washing machine together with the softener.

Method # 2: White vinegar

White vinegar is a great natural cleaning solution as it does not only remove the stains but also deodorizes and brightens white clothes. 

  • Mix a solution from 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 liters of hot water.
  • Leave the white clothes soaking into the solution for 8-10 hours.
  • Put the clothes into the washing machine under the regular washing cycle. 

Important: Together white vinegar and lemon juice have even stronger power. Try to mix a special solution from a quarter cup of lemon juice and half a cup of distilled white vinegar. Place the clothes into the solution and leave them soaking overnight. After that, simply put everything into the washing machine as usual.

Method # 3: Baking soda

This technique is especially suitable for thin fabrics. Not only baking soda brightens white clothes but also deodorizes and freshens them up.

  • Dissolve approximately 2 cups of baking soda into 5-6 liters of water.
  • Leave the fabrics sinking in it for a couple of hours.
  • Rinse the clothes in the washing machine under the delicate program cycle.

Not only in the kitchen good cleaning stuff can be hidden. Open your medicine cabinet and look for hydrogen peroxide or aspirin. Don’t be surprised! Your grandmother has definitely known these methods from a long time ago.

Method # 4: Hydrogen peroxide

This method is super effective for fabrics that starts turning yellowish or greyish.

The process is as simple as ABC:

  • Dissolve 2 spoons of hydrogen peroxide into the hot water.
  • Soak the clothes into this solution for 15-30 minutes.
  • Drop everything into the washing machine and forget about it!

Method # 5: Aspirin

This magic pill not only helps you to deal with your headache but also clears away the yellow spots from the white clothes like nothing!

The procedure is extremely easy:

  • Dissolve 5-6 aspirin pills into 7 liters of water.
  • Sink the clothes into the fluid and let it sit there overnight.
  • In the morning, drop the clothes into the washing machine and wash it under the delicate program.

TIP: Add 4-5 crushed aspirin tablets into the washing powder for even stronger effect.

Method # 6: Sunlight

Believe it or not, the sunlight is one of the most natural and easiest ways to whiten clothes.

Truth be told, it will not eliminate the stains and other heavy dirtiness. However, you should definitely hang your white clothes outside more often as the sun rays will ensure the long-lasting brightness of your whites. Sunlight is probably the most natural and health-friendly ways to whiten your clothes without any effort!


  • Wash your dirty clothes more frequently, do not store them for a long period of time. For example, sweat stains seem to be invisible at first. However, after some time they turn yellow and are much harder to remove. 
  • Hand-wash your delicate clothes such as lingerie, do not mix them together with other clothes. This will prevent them from turning greyish.  
  • Sort the clothes out before washing them. Any adult should know this rule by heart already – never mix the colorful clothes with the whites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, white vinegar is one of many natural products that could be used as a cleaning detergent that also has a whitening effect.
Yes, you can and you should! There are many natural products sitting in your cupboard or even in the medicine cabinet that could be used to mix a super-effective whitening solution.  All the instructions on how to use them are already explained in the article.
Easily! You already know at least six different ways to do so: lemon juice, white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, aspirin, and even sunlight!
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