Wooden Vs Upholstered bed – Which One to Choose

  • Choosing your most important furniture at home – your bed – might get very confusing – there are so many different options!
  • The first thing you need to decide is what material bed you may want – wooden or upholstered?
  • Wood bed is classic, sturdy, and neutral, but it lacks comfort if you want to lean on its headboard.
  • The upholstered bed is very comfy, stylish, and soft, but it’s difficult to clean it.

Although it’s super fun to have your living space redecorated – it also takes a lot of time and energy. The bedroom, which is probably the most important room in your whole house, is not an exception. If you already have the interior design in mind – it may be easier. However, the time for the most important decision will eventually come – what kind of bed to choose? Wood? Upholstered? Mixed? What color? What material?…

Well, let’s stop here and take one step at a time. We’ll help you to make a final decision. Below, we have explained everything you need to know when it comes to wood vs upholstered bed. Be sure, it will become much easier after you read it!

Things to Know About Wooden Beds

Beds made of wood are a very popular choice among users. And that’s totally understandable! They are the best if you looking for a durable, timeless, and nice piece of furniture. But there’s actually more to it.

The natural beauty of wood beds

Wooden furniture, in general, make an overall interior design look natural, cozy, and warm. You don’t need to think much about the decor of your bedroom if you place a large, polished natural wood piece of furniture in the middle of it.

Wood bed is loveable for its timeless, traditional, and classy look that makes it super easy to complement into any interior design.

Wood bed is a practical piece of furniture

Not only the wooden bed is easy to match with other interior details – more importantly, it is very easy to take care of!

Let’s admit, sometimes we all use our beds not exactly on its purpose – we having breakfast (or dinner) in it, spending lazy Sundays, reading books, watching TV, and etc… Therefore, it is natural that various types of stains and spills appear on it inevitably. And that’s exactly where another advantage of wooden bed comes – it’s very easy to clean.

Simple periodical cleaning using a damp cloth and some water would perfectly work. Or if you lazy to do so – simply dust off the headboard and the bed frame of your bed and it will do a trick!

Also, if you have your wood bed for a couple of years now and you miss that appearance of it when it was new – you can always polish it again and again! That’s what we call durability.

Wooden beds come in a wide range of styles

If you think that wood beds have don’t have many style options – I’m sorry, my friend, but you are wrong! There are so many wood bed variations – you’d get a headache once you start looking into it.

For example, let’s take the type of the wood itself. Hardwood, such as oak, ash, walnut, maple, softwood, such as cedar, white or yellow pine, hemlock, engineered wood, such as plywood… And that’s only the most common ones.

Now, to not to get lost in this jungle, filter your options by the price range you plan to invest in your bed. That will leave you with fewer options to choose from and it will be easier to make a decision. For example, if you are that type of person who values durability and wants a piece of furniture that would work for you almost forever – invest in the hardwood bed frame, such as oak or maple wood beds. On the contrary, if you want a cheaper option, choose from the engineered wood beds – they are usually made from combined natural and synthetic materials, that’s why the price is way lower.

Once you choose the color, it’s time to think about the finish of the wood bed. Believe me, even the pickiest person would find the finish that’d suit him the best. One of the most popular ones is the driftwood finish – oh gosh it looks so amazing in a beach-style room interior design! On the contrary, the walnut finish would be a go-to for a more authentic, classy, ancient interior design room…Also, there are some darker options, like cherry or ebony…and so and so on!

Wood beds are firm and sturdy

Oh yes! Wooden beds are sturdy as a rock. And that’s actually their biggest advantage and…disadvantage.

Being naturally sturdy and strong, wooden beds are exceptionally stable so that you can sleep in it very confidently. They are also pretty resistant to various types of liquids and stains, therefore you don’t have t worry about it getting damaged even if you have both kids and pets in the house.

The biggest drawback of the wood bed

And the dark side of the sturdiness of the wood bed is….its comfort.

As they are sturdy and massive, wood beds are pretty hard, so it’s not that comfortable to lean on its headboard while reading or to sit in it. Therefore, you might want to keep that in mind before getting one to your house!

TIP: There is no problem without a solution, right? If you really stick to the idea of buying the wood bed but you also like to read and watch TV in it – you can always get more soft pillows! Simply put some fluffy pillows against that hard headboard when you want to sit up in your bed and that will make it much better. Genius, right?

Summary: Pros and Cons of Wood Bed


  • Sturdiness and durability: invest in the high-quality wood bed once and forget about the headache you get when choosing the new bed forever.
  • Timeless and natural: a wide variety of finish options, different types of materials, but still super easy to complement into any interior design.
  • Incredibly practical: don’t worry about stains, spills, scratches, liquids, or pet hairs…. the wood bed is super resistant and easy to clean.


  • Your back won’t love it: wood bed frame is hard. It’s not that comfortable to lean on it.

Things to Know About Upholstered Beds

Now if you are a person who values the comfort of bed the most – you might like the upholstered bed more than a wood one.

The upholstered bed is exceptionally soft and comfy

Say what you want but no type of bed can compete with the upholstered bed when it comes to softness and comfort of it. Upholstered bed means it is wrapped in a cushioned fabric that maximizes your sleeping comfort to the highest. And not only sleeping! Sitting, reading, scrolling the Internet, eating, daydreaming – anything you can think of doing so is gonna the most comfortable in an upholstered bed than in any other type of bed.

And I’m sorry to tell you, but it’s fair to say that even the fluffiest pillows won’t work as good as an upholstered headboard…

Upholstered beds are versatile

As wood beds, upholstered beds also come in an enormous amount of different styles, colors, and materials.

For example, you can have an upholstered bed in any color you can think of – bold blue, yellow, pink, green…even the customized one! Everything is possible with the right amount of money and the right amount of imagination. of course.

Also, you can choose from the different shapes and fabrics of upholstered beds. Before you buy it, think thoroughly, what are your interior design preferences – do you want it to be minimalistic, or an extravagant one? Do you want it to be the main accent of your whole room? Or you want it to match the existing colors of your room? All these answers will help you to filter your options so that you could make a decision much faster.

The appearance of the upholstered bed, no matter what color and material it is, already creates an inviting and lovely look of your bedroom. It’s that soft and comfy nature of it! Therefore, you might think about that before you buy it as it will become even harder to get out of bed in the mornings…

The biggest drawback of an upholstered bed

It’s hard to talk about the minuses about this type of bed after we literally pictured it as a heaven on Earth. However, sometimes life is unfair!

That fluffiness, softness, and comfort have their price – an upholstered bed is much trickier to clean and take care of.

With that in mind, you need to know that pet hair, coffee or wine stains, spills and other misunderstandings in your bed might cost you time and energy. Depending on what fabric upholstery you’ll choose – it will have some specific instructions on how to take care of it and you’ll have to follow them carefully cause otherwise, you can ruin the look of your bed unrepairable.

In addition to that, there is a need for a periodical cleaning of your upholstery fabric even if there are no visible stains. Usually, you’ll need to brush it with a special roller or simply vacuum clean it, in order to maintain the fresh and tidy look of it.

Now, if you are not up to cleaning that bed yourself, there are a bunch of cleaning services that would be happy to help you. However, they are pretty expensive, so you need to consider that very carefully.

An appropriate cleaning and regular maintenance of your upholstered bed are very important if you want that the fabric of it would remain in style and form.

Summary: Pros and Cons of Upholstered Bed


  • Soft and comfortable as in clouds: nothing can beat the comfortability of an upholstered bed: sit, sleep, lay down in it – it’s super functional!
  • Inviting and luxurious style: choose the color of an upholstery fabric as you wish – the options are unlimited!
  • Decorative look: even if you won’t hang any pictures on the walls, even if you won’t hang any curtains and will choose a white color bedding set – your bedroom will still look in style because of this outstanding piece of furniture.


  • Cleaning: that’s a pretty big price to pay for this whole comfort… Not only the fabric of an upholstered bed requires special regular cleaning, but you have to always pay attention to the stuff you bring in bed because some stains may cost you a lot of money.

Alternative to Upholstered or Wooden Bed

Sometimes after long and thorough research, you still cannot decide which bed to choose – a wooden one or an upholstered. In this case, a bed that has a wood bed frame and an upholstered headboard – might be your best option!

Imagine having that softness and comfort that upholstered headboard provides, plus a sturdiness and a classic look of the wood bed frame. I know I would definitely like that!

All in all, the decision is yours, mate. Now that you know all the pros and cons of both of the types of beds – I hope it will be at least a little easier to make a choice. Anyway, be sure – when talking about wood vs upholstered types of bed – there is no bad decision. All you need to do is to think about the look you want to add to your interior design, the comfort preferences, and the amount of money you’d like to invest in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure thing! They are very good! They are soft, comfy, super stylish, and beautiful. It's awesome not only to sleep in an upholstered bed, but also to read, sit, daydream, simply lean on!
Yes,they are safe. Being totally wrapped in a soft fabric, the upholstered bed is safer than any other bed, such as wooden or metal.
Yes, most of them are very good. Of course, it always depends on the quality of wood your bed frame is made of. The more natural and expensive, the sturdier is the wood bed frame.
Like any other material furniture, velvet upholstery requires some specific knowledge in order to clean it the right way and not to damage it. However, cleaning the velvet furniture should not stop you from buying it! The cleaning process is really simple and totally manageable!
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